No Tears: Navorro Bowman off to the NFL

When I heard that Navorro Bowman had decided to go the NFL, I realised something: I didn't hate him as badly as I thought I would after he made the call.

After playing for a school and risking your limbs during three years playing for one of the best defensive co-ordinators in the country (and let's face it: Tom Bradley IS just that), it was probably time that Bowman - who has a six-month old kid - decided to go and play in the pros.

What I love, in fact, is Bowman's honesty. Unlike a lot of players who have gone to the NFL as a junior and insisted that it was important to play at the next level - and left it there, Bowman said in his interview about the green: "I've never been rich before, so it's always on my mind. Everything plays a part on the financial side. If you look at it, you want to make the best decision and be able to support your family."

And as the Inquirer also brought up, it wasn't until this year that Bowman decided to grow up. In October 2007, he got in a campus fight in State College (not bright). Then he was caught smoking dope last April (even stupider). But this year, he's been a model citizen, and hasn't found himself in trouble with Uncle Sam since then. Maybe the kid was a good influence on him after all.

For Penn State, though, the questions now remain over what state "Linebacker U" will be in for 2009. With Bowman - and seniors Sean Lee and Josh Hull - both gone things don't look as pretty as they once did. But Bradley's a good coach and the Nittany Lions have recruited well - they'll survive.

But in short, good luck, Navorro Bowman, good luck.