It'll be a worse LA without Pete Carroll

Before the VFA gets accused of being a 'USC homer' (hey - last week it was the Texas and/or the SEC, the week before it was the Big Ten, the week before it was USC - does no-one read a profile around here??), we just want to point out that we're not Trojans fans.

Having said that, we are fans of Pete Carroll.

If Carroll goes back to the NFL (according to the AP the Seahawks are in 'discussions' with Carroll, as opposed to Los Angeles Daily News reports that he'd signed a five year deal) to try and right some wrongs of professional seasons past, then college football will be all the poorer.

Although the 2009-10 was a pretty much complete disaster, Carroll has been brilliant for the University of Southern California. The list of recruits that have come to play for 'Coach Carroll' has been mouthwatering, with some of them  - who couldn't get into the USC program (see Florida's Emmanuel Moody for details) -play for other 'big-time program'. Carroll helped to create latter-day 'mystique and aura' at USC, and had the Song Girls happy almost every weekend as the Goddesses of Cheerleading celebrated touchdown after touchdown for their men in red and gold. Oh, and the superstars loved coming to the Coliseum, too.

ESPN and other organisations have tried to figure out why he's off. There's the thought that Carroll might be worried about possible sanctions against USC when Reggie Bush was at the program. The Joe McKnight doesn't exactly make everything look impressive, either.

But what I actually like about Pete Carroll more than anything doesn't have anything to do with football. It's his foundation - "A Better LA", committed to working with gangs and making the City of Angels just that. That ought to be applauded - and hopefully continued.

Anyway, if you're off, Mr Carroll, then thanks for coming and good luck. If you're not, then we're glad you stayed and Joe Paterno and the rest of us Nittany Lions fans will see in the Rose Bowl in 2011!!