Iowa stuns Georgia Tech

Listen, I know as a Penn State fan that I'm not meant to root for teams who've spent all the regular season wanting to get crushed, but while watching the Orange Bowl, I was rooting for Iowa.

Iowa were a little bit special last night. The defense was frightening, effectively blowing Georgia Tech's singing, dancing triple option. Only Anthony Allen distinguished himself for the Yellow Jackets, while Adam Clayborn, who had two sacks and nine tackles and always looked a danger defensively, shone out for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Here's the worrying part for the rest of the Big Ten: Iowa's running backs will almost all be back for 2010. Adam Robinson and Jewell Hampton (who's back after a season-ending August injury) are back, and Ricky Stanzi will be back at quarterback. Oh, and that defense is going to be pretty good too.

And on the coldest Orange Bowl in history, we didn't mind the fact that the cheerleaders were wearing tracksuit pants. We would have done, too.