More frustrating than the fact that my hotmail account was hacked today and some loser masquerading as myself sent out a spam message from my email address, is the fact that this is the second time in 6 weeks that it has happened.

Even more frustrating than that is that I know have to field phone calls and emails from people who are wondering why I sent them an email telling them that I just got a new 3G iphone and that they should go to some spammy website and get one too, and also I hope you have a Merry Christmas - all in horrendous grammar.

Does that sound like me?? Do I talk/type like that? Do I think you would give a fuck if I got a new iphone? And that I loved it sooooooo much that I needed to email every single person in my contact list and let them know that they should get one too? Doesn't really sound like me does it? Not really.

It's irritating that this keeps happening and I'm seriously considering closing my hotmail account.

I could let the frustration take over and I could let this shit get to me and fall to pieces and cry (because I have a LOT of contacts in my hotmail account and every one of you got the spam and after a long day, this could just be the straw). But you know what? I wasn't responsible for sending the stupid email. I am not responsible for the spam. I was only the vehicle that some fuckhead used to carry out his little scam. I can do nothing more than change my hotmail password or close my account.

So to any of you who may have received one of these emails from my email address? Just delete it and move on with your life. And so will I.