I managed to find the time to make a pit stop at Tim Hortons this morning to get some coffee. I stood in line for a bit, obtained coffees for myself, Steve and one of his co-workers and then left. No sooner had I exited the doors did I become acutely aware that someone was behind me. Really close behind me, shuffling his feet. That kind of shit doesn’t sit well with me to begin with – I think it’s rude and it makes me nervous - but to make matters worse I was carrying an unbalanced tray of coffee, my purse and my keys in my hands AND I was teetering along on heels, not to mention the pregnant belly.

I made my way across the parking lot and those heavy, shuffling feet were right behind me the whole way. The person had the whole parking lot but he remained very close behind me.

Once I got close to my car I saw Steve’s face looking at me and then at whomever was behind me. From the look on Steve’s face I knew something wasn’t right. I walked around my car to the drivers side and was finally able to see who was behind me. This big, ogre-like man with unkempt hair had stopped dead in his tracks and was looking at Steve. He stood there for a few seconds looking around, seemingly unsure of what he should be doing.

I got in the car and Steve said, “Was that guy following you???” I told him that he followed me all the way from the doors of Tim Hortons. Steve said, “He was following you and he stopped short when he saw me.”

The ogre-man then got in his car which was parked near ours and he sat in it with the drivers side door open, looked at himself in his rear view mirror and proceeded to stick his finger so far up his nose that I thought he might poke an eye out from the inside. He dug around his nose for a short while and then got out and went back into the restaurant.

Now, I don’t know what he was up to but it just didn’t look or feel right. The whole thing was weird and just... off. I’ve got sensors for that kind of shit and they were going off like five alarm sirens.

Thank goodness Steve was there. Can you imagine what might have happened if I was all alone and this man if he had tried something? Poor bastard wouldn’t have lived to see the light of day.