Why Urban Meyer Should Leave Florida

We know miracles can happen every day of the week, but apparently it particularly happens on Sundays in Gainseville, Florida.

Urban Meyer might not be leaving after the Sugar Bowl after all.

Only a few hours after we at the VFA practically eulogized Urban Meyer after he announced that he was leaving the most successful college football team of the decade because of heart worries, the big man decided think about coming back. 

According to ESPN's sources, Meyer, having had a 'change of heart' (no pun intended) will be leaving the program on an interim basis to 'take a step back and see how he feels'.

If I was Urban Meyer, I'd go. Here's why. If I come back to the stadium for the 2011 season, have a heart attack on the sideline and die, then I wouldn't be a martyr to the cause of coaching.  I'd be an idiot for seeing the problem and not walking away from it.

As we all know, there's nothing more important than our health - and let's hope that Urban Meyer sees that and decides to take some well-earned rest. It's not like he doesn't have the money, after all.