The End of Season College Football Awards

After telling the world who we thought was the most disappointing team in football, we at the VFA have decided to put a piece out there about college football's biggest positive surprises (you'll see it soon). And yes, Stanford's on the list and Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame and USC AREN'T on the list - sorry.

In the meantime, here's our list of "the bests" from the 2009 season:

Best Team

1. Alabama - They beat Florida
2. Texas - They are in the National Championship Game
3. Florida - They may have got beaten the SEC Title game, but they are better than TCU
4. TCU - TCU is better than Cincinnati but would probably lose to Florida
5. Cincinnati - Will lose to Florida in the Big Bowl Game.

Best Games

1. Georgia Tech 30, Clemson 27 - Best known for a fan bawling, but actually it was two good team balling well.
2.BYU 14, Oklahoma 13 - BYU were better than the Sooners even when Bradford wasn't injured.
3. LSU 20, Georgia 13 - SEC officials not welcome in Athens.
4. Michigan 38, Notre Dame 34 - Classic
5. Most of Notre Dame's season, actually. You can't beat a good soap opera for excitement.
6. Washington 16, USC 13 - Tell me you didn't see that one coming.
7. USC 18, Ohio State 15- The atmosphere made the game, and gave me a new respect for OSU's fanbase.
8. Oregon 44, Arizona 41 - Finally College Gameday had a game that was worth watching.
9. Texas 49, Texas A&M 39 - Classic for those who love no defense whatsoever.
10. Alabama 26, Auburn 21- Sensational ending for a sensational team.

Best Atmosphere

1. USC vs Ohio State - You didn't need to call "Red Out" for 100,000 OSU fans to turn out in scarlet.
2. Florida vs LSU - Wow.
3. Alabama vs Virginia Tech - Two sets of very loud fans inside the Georgia Dome made the SEC Championship Game seem like a tomb.
4. LSU vs Georgia - Not so much 'atmosphere' and more 'tailgate' and 'scenery'.
5. USC vs Oregon - Funny how the Trojans being in town gets the student body 'up for it'.

Heisman Trophy

1. Toby Gerhart - Carried Stanford on his shoulders all season long
2. Mark Ingram - He's quite good at speeches, and running over defenses.
3. Colt McCoy - Best QB in college football this year
4. CJ Spiller- Best all-round player in college football. Without him, Clemson were nothing
5. Tim Tebow- Sounds a cop-out, but it's OK to like Tebow. It really is.

Best Moment

SEC Championship Game: The half-time. Boy loses to girl in Dr Pepper Half-Time throwing competition. I'm still laughing. So are most of Daniel's buddies.

Biggest dumbass

1. Stanford alum Tiger Woods. You cheated on your wife HOW MANY times?
2. Daniel, the UF fan who sucked ass in the SEC Championship Game.
3. Tennessee's recruiting staff. How many will you manage until you get sanctions?
4. Charlie Weis. Maybe not quite "dumbass" but definitely "lame ass".
5. Some of Terrelle Pryor's decisionmaking (or was it Tressel's) put him into this category
6. The guys at the NCAA who don't put enough emphasis on strength of freaking out-of-conference schedule
7. Georgia's defensive co-ordinator, Willie Martinez
8. Texas fans if they think they've got a hope in hell of beating Alabama
9. Anyone who thinks Tebow is less of a person for crying after the SEC Title game.
10. This writer for making silly Mormon jokes before the TCU game. Apologies, BYU fans. Again.

Top 10 tips for 2010

1. With Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate going pro, does anyone seriously think the Irish are going to compete in 2010?
2. Penn State will lose in Tuscaloosa in September. You heard it here first
3. Go and watch a Georgia game. It's inspiring.
4. Attend a Penn State Beaver Stadium 'White Out' - probably against Michigan
5. Go to Vegas and put money on Alabama repeating a National Championship
6. And while you're there, bet on Michigan being better than bowl-less
7. Start a facebook group for "Lou Holtz and Mark May: Best Gay Couple?"
8. Have a laugh at yourself and remind yourself that bowl games are nothing but a bit of fun.
9. But if your team loses, it really isn't.
10. Have fun reading this column/website/blog/whatever you call it.

And last but not least......Best Cheerleaders

1. Oregon
2. TCU
3. Florida
3 (tie) LSU
4. Arizona
5. Arizona State
5.(tie) Texas

Oh, and this for you, Clemson fan