Penn State destroys the Florida Gators.....

Hey Tebow! Urban Meyer! Brandon Spikes! Percy Harvin! Jesse Palmer! Your boys took a beating tonight.

Yes, we're serious this time. Penn State absolutely hammered the Florida Gators. Big Ten vs SEC? We win the first battle!

Florida is out of National Championship contention kids - and took the pasting in Gainsville.

Just in case you think we're crazy here at the VFA, what we're saying is, in fact true. The Florida Gators DID take a pasting at home. Unfortunately, the sport wasn't college football - it was women's volleyball, where the unbeaten Penn State Nittany Lions walked over the Florida Gators 3-0 in the NCAA Championships Sweet Sixteen.

Oh, and we might have forgotten to mention that Penn State was ranked top, while UF was ranked 18th. Nothing like a reversal of fortune from the football field to the volleyball court....

Anyway, according to the ESPNU scoreboard, the first two sets were somewhat of a walkover, with PSU putting up 2-0 with 25-12 and 25-18 set victories (apparently a marginal call helped to win the second set for the Lionesses - we only wish it could have happened for the football team in Michigan in 2005 (not that we're bitter over here), before finally dealing with the Gators in the third, coming up 25-21 winners.

The Nittany Lions play Cal in the quarters, with a view to winning - get this - their 100th straight game. They're second on the all-time win list, by the way.

In an another noteworthy match-up on Saturday, second-ranked Texas - who have a player by the incredible name of Des'ree Hooker (who's apparently incredible), play Nebraska. We hope that time won't be a factor - again.