Pedicure Bust #37

I did it again. I went for another pedicure…

This time I tried the hair salon that is only a couple of blocks from my house. I’ve walked by it plenty of times and saw the “pedicure chair” through the window. I had to stop in there the other night to get some hairspray so I inquired about a pedicure. The shop owner was all encouraging and said that a pedi is $35. Decent price, I thought. I figured I’d give it a shot.

I showed up for my appointment and the owner greeted me by saying “She should be here soon….” I took from this that their esthetician didn’t work there full time and only came in when she had an appointment. 10 minutes late she rolled in the door and started setting up for a manicure… Yes, a manicure. Then she called me over to her manicure desk and told me to put my hands in the soapy water. I told her I was here for a pedicure – which got her all frantic. “I was told it was a manicure! That’s why I set up for a manicure! She booked you in for a manicure!!” She then went to the owner and spoke to her in a foreign language. The owner walked by me and said, “Don’t know where my head is. I booked you for a manicure…”

So I waited another 5 minutes for her to set up for my pedicure.

I was shocked when she pulled out the London Drugs “Deluxe Foot Spa”, plugged it into the wall behind her, pulled up a rolling office chair and told me to sit down and put my feet in the spa.

Well, maybe I wasn’t so shocked. I mean, I don’t get good pedicures. Why should this be any different?

So I sat on the chair which was too high so that only my toes and balls of my feet were in the water.

The pedicure started and I alternated lifting each foot and sitting it in her lap in the most uncomfortable position, while tensing my legs in an attempt not to roll away in the chair. Not the most relaxing. I was actually fantasizing about the chairs in the last place I went too... (Was it really that big of a deal that they cut my foot open??? Their chairs were really nice.) She told me that they can't use the fancy chair for pedicures anymore now that they do laser treatments... (Oh wow, after the professional pedi that I'm getting here, I can't imagine what they do with a laser beam!)

And all this was right in the very front of the shop, in the window so that not only did everyone walking by outside get to look in and see me with my yoga pants rolled up to the knees with my leg up in the air and bent at an awkward angle - but every time a patron came in or out of the salon, I got hit with a cold blast of winter.

I suppose it was ok that only my toes and balls of my feet were soaked in the water because the pedicure didn’t go past there. She dripped a little oil on my toes and massaged them. My toes, she massaged my toes. Not a centimeter further.

She asked me to pick out the color I wanted. I picked a sparkly red. She hesitated and I quickly found out why. That particular bottle of polish was perhaps 10 years old and it was almost dry. The polish came out thick and sticky. It took almost 25 minutes for her to do one coat and then she told me it didn’t need a second coat. Good thing because by this time it was almost past my bedtime.

I left there with dry, scratchy heels and over lubricated, oily toes and a cramp in my leg from contorting my body to keep my feet in her lap and my ass on the rolling chair. The polish STILL feels sticky, 3 days later.

On the bright side? I didn’t lose any blood and she didn’t tell me I was fat. Still, my quest for a good pedicure continues…