Good Year For/Bad Year For - 2009 Edition

We've had great years and we've had crap years in the world of college football. The greatest year this decade was probably 2005, when everyone kept on beating everybody else, and you couldn't hold your breath. 2009 was distinctly middling, with three teams battling it out for, er, three places. And none of them lost - despite the close calls.

With that in mind, the VFA are giving out their feelings on a Good Year/Bad Year basis.

GOOD YEAR FOR: Urban Meyer - Florida 2009 National Champ, Unbeaten (regular) Season
BAD YEAR FOR: Charlie Weis - Wins a Bowl, loses to Michigan, USC and, erm, UConn, Gets fired.

GOOD YEAR FOR: Colt McCoy - Wins Fiesta Bowl, Unbeaten season, Goes to NC Game
BAD YEAR FOR: Tim Tebow - Win NC Game, Gets Concussed, Loses SEC Title Game, Cries

GOOD YEAR FOR: Brian Kelly - Cincy unbeaten, Gets Bearcats Noticed, Goes to coach Notre Dame
BAD YEAR FOR: Mark Mangino - Kansas trainwrecks a season, accused of bullying players, fired.

GOOD YEAR FOR: Alabama - Unbeaten season, win SEC, Heisman Trophy Winner, National Championship Game
BAD YEAR FOR: Penn State - Lose Rose Bowl, lose important games to Iowa and Ohio State, have no offensive line, a mediocre 10-2, need I go on?

GOOD YEAR FOR: TCU - ESPN College Gameday, Smoking hot cheerleaders, win on Gameday, Unbeatable
BAD YEAR FOR: Notre Dame - We're bored of telling you why

GOOD YEAR FOR: Nebraska - Good defense, good defense, good defense
BAD YEAR FOR: Georgia/ USC - Bad defense, bad defense, bad defense

GOOD YEAR FOR: Crowds - White Out, Black Out, Red Out, Fall Out
BAD YEAR FOR: SEC Officials - Screw up, screw up, screw up

GOOD YEAR FOR: Jordan Shipley - Touchdowns. Run Backs. NFL first rounder.
BAD YEAR FOR: Carlos Dunlap: Asleep. Arrested. No SEC Title Game. Second round pick?

GOOD YEAR FOR: Penn State Recruiting 2010 - We're loving the 4-stars. Now don't screw it up.
BAD YEAR FOR: Tennessee Recruiting 2010 - Hostesses, Violations, Penalties?

GOOD YEAR FOR: Ohio State - Going to Rose Bowl, beat Penn State, beat Iowa, beat Michigan.
BAD YEAR FOR: Ohio State. Lost big bowl game, lost to USC, lost to Purdue. Terrelle Pryor was overrated.

Listen, we know there's a lot Good Years/Bad Years Out there. You guys get to complete the fun!