Good Luck, Brian Kelly

After he basically said he'd entertain offers from big-time schools, Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly seems to have gotten himself the biggest offer of them all: Notre Dame.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last few years when it comes to college football, Notre Dame and coaching situations have been a somewhat unsteady business. You come, you get a few wins, you lose, and you get fired. Only Lou Holtz in recent history can probably hold his head up high - although his 'homerness' on ESPN programs may have raised a few giggles. Holtz hasn't knowingly picked the Irish to lose - ever - and they've done it - quite a lot - in recent years.

It's nothing if not entertaining.

The biggest question for Brian Kelly going in is this: Can he take the Fighting Irish back from the college football backwater and bring them back into the National Focus year after year after year? That's what Notre Dame and their all-powerful ADs and alumni expect.

At Cincinnati, he turned the Bearcats from a football backwater into a Big East powerhouse, outscoring most of his opponents with good, accurate quarterbacks and some great wide receivers. The best of these have been this year, with Tony Pike and Zach Collaros proving they can throw the ball, with soon-to-be NFLer Mardy Gilyard - and the rest of his receiving corps - proving they can damned well catch it.

However, we're not so sure about Kelly's defensive plaudits. At the end, Cincinnati's defense proved to be a shambles.

We'll have see what will happen in the land of Touchdown Jesus, eh?