Gators Teeth Crushed: Week 14 Awards

I heard some guy on YouTube talking about the Texas-Nebraska as the 'most insane game' ever. He obviously didn't see the Cincinnati-Pitt game earlier in the day, or the Georgia Tech-Clemson game going on on another channel. It was a close game, but when we talk about 'insane games', we like to see the dissolution of defenses, mighty comebacks, and great finishes. The Texas game had one of them.

Games Of The Week

1. Oregon 37, Oregon State 33. A crazy game on an insane Thursday night in Autzen.
2. Georgia Tech 39, Clemson 34. The Ramblin' Wreck won the war, but the stand-out player was Clemson's CJ Spiller. The guy should be on the plane to New York next week.
3. Texas 13, Nebraska 12. Insane ending to an unlikely defensive war.
4. Cincinnati 45, Pittsburgh 44. Suddenly, Pittsburgh's not happy with its kicker.
5. Arizona 21, USC 17. Stunner at the Coliseum in front of around 60,000 people at best.

The Big Surprise Awards

1. The Texas game. Didn't think it would be this close.
2. The SEC game. Thought it would be closer
3. Arizona beats USC. USC finished the Pac-10 in a sterling SIXTH position. How the mighty fall.

Our Heisman Vote Now The Season's Over

1. Toby Gerhart (Stanford) - Took a program on his shoulders and won.
2. CJ Spiller (Clemson) - Brilliant week in, week out. Undeniably the best player in the ACC, and the best all-round threat in college football.
3. Mark Ingram (Alabama) - Second best running back in college football.
4. Colt McCoy (Texas) - Great this year - but better than 2008? Seriously?
5. Tim Tebow (Florida) - Ruined his Heisman chances with a dreadful Saturday performance. And yes, we are going to give Alabama's defense a lot of credit.

Cheerleaders of the Week

1. Florida
2. Oregon
3. Nebraska
4. Texas
5. Georgia Tech
6. Oregon State
7. Alabama
8. Clemson

Doofus of the Week.

This goes to our friend Daniel Margil, who lost to a girl in the Dr Pepper SEC half-time throwing the ball into a giant can conference. And he looked like a fool doing it too. We could only laugh. A lot.