And so it begins, and ends.

Tomorrow, everything changes. Maternity leave comes to a screeching halt and I am to return to the Land of the Working.

And as if it wasn't stressful enough to be going to back to work after having a full year off, worrying about how my girl is going to adjust to daycare, trying to work out the logistics of getting the baby to daycare, the husband to work and then getting myself to work on time with only one vehicle - everything has changed in regards to my actual work.

For starters, I have a new boss whom I've met once. And that boss is located in a different office building than the one I spent the past 6 years at. And she wants me to relocate to where she is - which means not only are the surroundings all completely new, so are my co-workers. The co-workers that I was looking forward to seeing on a daily basis again, that made work a sometimes fun place to be? Not going to be seeing them. The office that I'm relocating to is large and vastly empty due to downsizing and restructuring. On the upside: it's going to be nice and quiet. On the downside: it might be pretty boring and lonely.

As for the actual work? Well, my job has been performed remotely by a girl in Winnipeg for the past year - halfway across the country. She's a smart girl and knows the job well. When we were training her to take over my job she made many trips here and spent lots of time with me, going over my job and learning how to do what I do. But now that I'm returning? She's unavailable to fly here to retrain me. And there is a whole lot of new stuff. Like a brand new collective agreement that I have to learn. And different procedures. And jobs that I never even had to do before that I will be doing now. But nobody will be there to train/retrain me to do any of it. Apparently she will be available by phone but... it's not quite the same. And my new boss doesn't have a clue how/what I do so she will be zero help. On the upside: I'm a bit of a lone wolf and I do prefer working alone over working with other people. And I am also taking this as a sign that my bosses have great faith in my abilities. On the downside: Fuck, I hope I get the hang of it fast otherwise, it could get really stressful.

Luckily, tomorrow is Steve's regular day off. So while I have all this work stuff swirling around my head, I will have one day reprieve in the daycare department. Tomorrow morning I only have to worry about getting myself bathed, dressed, fed and out the door on time. Come Tuesday though? The real fun starts.

Pray for me. Wish me luck. Send me good vibes... Whatever it is that you do, I could use as much of it as you've got to spare.