Ain't Much 'Til New Year: Previewing the Bowls That Matter

Sorry to be cruel to Wyoming and Rutgers, but we've not overly excited about your bowl games this weekend. In fact, we're struggling to be interested in any bowl game before the weekend - but there ARE a few.

Anywhere, here's our predictions:

Oregon State vs BYU (Las Vegas Bowl, Dec 22nd)

BYU's biggest game of the season was an opening day win over Oklahoma, while Oregon State came from nowhere to lose at the death in the 'Civil War' against Oregon. We can't wait to see Jacquizz Rodgers, O-State's running back.

Prediction: Nice Beavers! Oregon State by 21

Utah vs California (Poinsetta Bowl, Dec 23rd)

Utah and California's big debacles of the season was when there were crushed on national television by TCU and Oregon respectively. The Bears scored somewhat of an upset when they beat Stanford this year, but the LV Bowl will be poorer without Jahvid Best.

Prediction: Flowers in the air: Utah by 10

Pittsburgh vs UNC (Car Care Bowl, Dec 26th)

UNC should be getting a heck of a lot of home support when they play Pitt at home in Charlotte. Ironic this - because if UNC win, it'll be yet another upset for the Tar Heels, who seemed to enjoy knocking off Top 25ers (after they themselves were beaten) at the end of the year. Pitt, however, has to get over the heartbreak of losing a Big East decider against Cincinnati.

Prediction: Home Cookin'. UNC by 7

BC vs USC (Emerald Bowl, Dec 26th)

The Emerald Bowl organisers must have been wetting themselves when USC sunk to sixth in the Pac-10 and HAD to pick up a bowl bid to a game that they - nor anyone else - will remotely care about a couple days after it's finished. The big show should be USC's Taylor Mays, who's gotten some criticism this year from NFL Scouts. We'll see how BC plays - especially against a USC who will be playing for that famous pride.

Prediction: Song Girls jumping (which isn't a bad thing, folks!). USC by 14

Kentucky vs Clemson (Music City Bowl, Dec 27th)

A quick piece of mathematics: C.J.+Spiller=highlight. The last time you'll be able to see a player quite like this grace the turf this season. And no, I'm not being over the top.

Prediction: Clemson by 28

Texas A&M vs Georgia (Independence Bowl, Dec 28th)

Should be one of the highest-scoring bowls because of one thing: both sides don't have any defense to speak of. It's going to be fun.

Prediction: Georgia by 4 on a last-minute drive.

Miami vs Wisconsin (Champ Sports, Dec 29th)

Miami got a lot of headlines this year, while Wisconsin's best remembered for the best fourth quarter opening in college football (Jump Around!) and playing well at Ohio State this year.

Prediction: Miami get 'U' talking. Miami by 10

Arizona vs Nebraska (San Diego, Dec 30th)

Watch Nebraska's Boy Named Suh, probably the No.1 pick in the 2010 draft attack Arizona's offensive line. That's about it.

Prediction: Wildcats in the upset. Arizona by 10

Oklahoma vs Stanford (Sun Bowl, Dec 31)

Get to watch Toby Gerhart put the hopes of a rejuvenated Cardinal play against the heir to Sam Bradford, Sooners QB Landry Jones. Jones is pretty good - and may well shine against a less-than-solid Cardinal secondary.

Prediction: Boomer! Sooner! By 21

Virginia Tech vs Tennessee (Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Dec 31)

This game, ladies and gentlemen, is going to be a war. From our days at school in Bristol, TN, situated nicely on the Tennessee-Virginia border, we realised very quickly that despite the fact both teams don't play each other often, the sets of fans really, really don't like each other. So bring your camo, bring your deer, bring your beer, and bring the dogs of war.

Prediction: Party like it's 2010. Virginia Tech by 3.

Penn State vs LSU (Capital One Bowl, Jan 1)

Both teams had chances to win their respective divisions, and both teams blew them. This game is probably the best of the Jan 1 bowl games, and should be a wonderful game. Lions fans will get to take a better look at 2010 starter Kevin Newsome, who could cause the Tigers problems.

Prediction: Penn State by 3 in a game for the ages.

West Virgina vs Florida State (Gator Bowl, Jan 1)

Worth watching because it's Bobby Bowden's last game on the Seminole sideline. Bearing in mind FSU couldn't stop a lot this year - and will have problems stopping Mountaineers running back Noel Devine, this could be an ugly finish.

Prediction: West Virginia feeling Devine by 14.

Ohio State vs Oregon (Rose Bowl, Jan 1)

OK, so hands up who's excited about this one. If you AREN'T excited, then you obviously hate life. Will Terrelle Pryor finally live up to the hype? Will Oregon's offense live up to the hype? Will Masoli continue to make mistakes against a nasty Buckeye defense? And will we get to a see a whole lot of lovely shots of Oregon's cheerleaders, rather than the ugly Brutus Buckeye?

Prediction: Ohio State in a stunner.

Cincinnati vs Florida (Sugar Bowl, Jan 1)

So, Cincy's coach goes to Notre Dame, and now they've got to go up against Florida who won't want Tim Tebow's last game to be a tearfest. Hmmm.....

Prediction: Florida. By a lot.

Oklahoma State vs Ole Miss (Cotton Bowl, Jan 2)

Both sides were definitely a disappointment this year. One word for OSU's Zach Robinson and Ole Miss' Jevan Snead in 2009: Overrated.

Prediction. Fun. Oklahoma State by 10

Boise State vs TCU (Fiesta Bowl, Jan 4)

This is going be an absolutely fantastic game. Both sides, urgent to show the world what they can do, will be playing for the title of the 'Best BCS Buster'. Against each other. They both have considerable winning streaks riding on this game, and the Fiesta Bowl should be fun.

Prediction: TCU by 3

Iowa vs Georgia Tech (Orange Bowl, Jan 5)

The Iowa Hawkeyes, despite losing their best running back before September 2009, battled all the way, and rode their luck right until losing against Northwestern. They outplayed Ohio State in The Horseshoe before losing in overtime, while Georgia Tech won the poker game known as the ACC. Can the Hawkeyes' brilliant 'D' stop the Jacket's brilliant triple-option?

Prediction: Yes, they can. Iowa by 10

Alabama vs Texas (National Championship Game)

We're not all that excited about this one. Maybe it's because we - like everyone else - expect SEC Champion Alabama to quieten Texas in the way that they quietened Texas. Maybe it's because we're college footballed out and want to relax at the end of the season. Maybe it's because we're not great fans of either team.

Prediction: Rammer Jammer. Alabama by 18