A Good Schedule Should Win You The BCS

We've been ranting about this for a year now, but we'd like to put forward a simple plan that will make for a better regular college football season and put an end to the whining about not being in the National Championship Game.

We think that 80% of the BCS decisions should be made on strength of non-conference schedule, not on the AP Voters' decisions. Then, 10% should be made on the strength of the conference, and 10% should be left to the stupid AP voters, who we've never been a fan of.

If Texas and Florida had gotten into the National Championship Game after playing the equivalent of the New Orleans School for the Blind, it would have an absolutely travesty. Why? Because Alabama - who played most of their non-conference games against crappy schools, at least put Virginia Tech on its schedule first thing.

The same goes for Penn State if the Lions had managed wins against Ohio State and Iowa. The fact that they played NOBODY in their off-season schedule should have stood against them.

I know we can argue that stunning upsets like Appalachian State's win over Michigan in 2005 can happen, but at the end of the day, these are few are far between.

At the end of the day, if college football does not have a play-off it's got to sort out its regular season. And more games like Alabama-Virginia Tech, Oregon-Boise State, USC-Ohio State and Georgia - Oklahoma State would make college football a far better product and lead to less arguments come BCS time.

Oh, and atmospheres like the one we had in Atlanta at the start of September.