Weis a winner against Pitt? Week 11 College Predictions

Right, it's Week 11 of the college football season, and I'm still trying to work who's better: Texas, Florida or Alabama (not necessarily in that order). I've got friends who are Texas and Alabama fans, but haven't found a UF fan who I can truly have a good conversation with without them saying: 'But you don't understand, do you? Tim Tebow is TRULY the Son of God." I would get into a longer religious debate about this, but if I piss off half the amount of people I did when I wrote quasi-inflammatory/very jokey/not to be taken too seriously things about Joseph Smith and the BYU/TCU, I'll probably get closed down.

Anyway - my Week 11 predictions


West Virginia vs Cincinnati

Over the years, it would have been easy: West Virginia by 14 or more. But now, Cincinnati's got an offense to die for, and they are scoring points like it's going out of fashion. West Virginia haven't been briliant this year, but they've got a game changer in the speedy superfreak Noel Devine. This is going to be fun.

Prediction: Cincy wins by 14 in a high-scoring game that puts the Saturday schedule to shame.


Utah vs TCU

Utah was the non-BCS team of 2008, TCU is the non-BCS team of 2009. They've got a better schedule than Boise State - and the road wins at Clemson and BYU are pretty impressive. In front of a College Gameday crowd (they probably want to see how Christian the Horned Frogs actually are), TCU is going to be on the map.

Prediction: TCU win in tight one.

Indiana vs Penn State

Indiana were unlucky to lose to Michigan and Iowa and despite what the bookies think, will give Penn State a real battle this weekend. I expect the Nittany Lions to overcome the problems of last week (ie lack of scoring due to an ineffective offensive line), and I'd like to see a little more Kevin Newsome. There are also worries that Evan Royster could skip to the NFL. Here's the VFA's take on that: Evan! Horrible, horrible idea!

Prediction: Penn State doesn't excite, but they win by 21. Shame that it'll be on the Big Ten Network.

Iowa vs Ohio State

If Gameday hadn't been to Columbus for the USC game, they probably would be in the Centre of things for this one. It's going to be a doozy. With Ricky Stanzi out the Hawkeyes are going to have to go into the cauldron of hate known as The Horseshoe. Not easy.

Prediction: Even if Stanzi was still in, I'd call an Iowa loss. This make it easier. Ohio State by 14.

Stanford vs USC

If there's a mouthier coach than Jim Harbaugh outside of the SEC, we'd like to see him. But you know what? He's been spot-on with his recruiting. The Cardinal dumped on Oregon last week, and how sweet would a victory be in the Colliseum? Probably not very to the USC home crowd!

Prediction: USC win, but it's going to be as tight as those Song Girls' tops.

Alabama vs Mississippi State

The romantic in me is calling for a win for MSU, but my head says that they can't play nearly as well as they did against LSU and Florida. Mark Ingram's looking all the way a Heisman winner, and yes, Alabama is rollin'.

Prediction: Alabama win. But it's going to be close.

Florida vs South Carolina

South Carolina shocked anyone who didn't think Ole Miss was totally overrated when they beat the Rebels on Thursday night, and they were unlucky not to knock off Georgia. The 'Cocks' erratic offense hasn't been that fun to watch, but defensive future Columbian shirt retiree Eric Norwood may still eat Tiim Tebow alive on Saturday. Will that stop the Gators?

Prediction. No. Florida has too much damned talent.

Auburn vs Georgia

Another night game in Athens, and my buddies won't be complaining. It'll be Jack Daniels from the early hours, and a lot of cheering using the words "War Tiger!" just to confuse the Auburnites. They are Dawgs fans, by the way. This game is going to be hellish entertaining because a) UGA vs AU games always are; b) The two teams hate each other and c) Because both teams can't defend worth ****, to use a Southern colloquial term, y'all.

Prediction: Georgia! Bulldogs! By 14, by the way.

Miami at North Carolina

Ever since they lost to Virginia Tech, the Hurricanes have been somewhat under the radar. So get this: Jacory Harris can play. Miami has a ton of speed. But Butch Davis, the UNC coach, is a good coach - and the last time the Heels played a ranked opponent, they beat 'em.

Prediction: All signs point to Butch Davis.....and a classic. Miami on a last-second field goal.

Georgia Tech at Duke

Great opportunity for the BSCers to watch the option at play, which we've renamed the 911 Option. Why? Because the triple option has broken so many freaking hearts this year, we're calling the police for murder and the ambulance to help mend.

Prediction: Dial 1-800-TECH-WIN-BY-21

Texas at Baylor.

Jordan.Shipley. Heisman. Colt McCoy. NFL?

Prediction: Texas by 31. This team's playing well kids.

And the Game Of The Week.....

Notre Dame at Pittsburgh

If there's one team fighting for its life at the moment, it's Notre Dame. If the Irish ***-up, then Charlie Weis is out of a job. Period. But if the Irish win, Fat Charlie and the Archangel won't be filing for a divorce (it's a Paul Simon reference, people!), because they've beaten a top 10 team. If they do, they'll have to stop Pitt RB Dion Lewis, who's sharp.

Prediction: Weis in Wintry Upset. Irish by 10

Now back to that Paul Simon song.....it's fan-freakin' tastic!