Week 12 Predictions: Anyone Give A Damn For The Whole State of Michigan?

Listen up boys and girls, the biggest game of this week is not Oregon vs Arizona, Ohio State vs Michigan, Cal vs Stanford, LSU vs Mississippi or even that barnburner you can't get enough of: Harvard vs Yale.

It's the Land Grant Trophy, given out to the winner of the Penn State vs Michigan State game.

The Penn State fans love playing Michigan State for one reason really: it's not a bad rivalry (ie Michigan or Ohio State), and Penn State has a pretty good record against the Spartans (more than you can say than, for example, Penn State or Michigan).

Since it's the last day of Penn State's season, when I can cry slowly as I say goodbye to my Penn State gear for a month-and-a-bit, and thank Jesus that it's all over for one more season (I can't deal with the heartache), I'll make a prediction. Penn State by 14. There you go.


Yale vs Harvard

The Geek squad are out in force for this one, working out over cocktails how to make the next dumbass business decision that will cost millions of people their jobs, homes, and incomes.

Prediction: Harvard by 10. Why? My cousins went to Harvard. My aunt and uncle live near Harvard. My father went to Harvard Business School. I'm not bright enough.

Cal vs Stanford

Geeks vs Hippies for this one. And guess what? The geeks are playing pretty darned well at the moment. Jim Harbaugh's team beat the crap out of USC and Oregon and (I dare to say it) deserve a Rose Bowl spot. It's do or die for the Cardinal against a Bears team trying to work out if Jeff Tedford should really get fired.

Prediction: Go computer buffs and Tiger Woods lovers. Stanford wins by 21.

Virginia vs Clemson

Clemson's knack of self-implosion couldn't possibly happen against Al Groan and his Cavaliers, could they?

Prediction: No. Clemson in a laugher.

Connecticut vs Notre Dame

If Notre Dame loses to Connecticut, Charlie Weis won't be fired. He'll be shot outside Touchdown Jesus.

Prediction: Weis wins....finally. Notre Dame by 10

Oregon vs Arizona

Personally, we at the VFA are pretty glad Oregon and Arizona are getting together. Great cheerleaders on both sides? Check. Great co-eds? Check. Great teams? Maybe.

Prediction: Who cares? I'm hoping for great sideline shots! Oregon in a thriller, by three.

Texas vs Kansas

If there's ever a game which should show the gulf between the Big XII North and Big XII South, it'll be this one. If KU actually wins this game - and stops Colt McCoy being the winningest game in NCAA history - we'll run naked down the Streets of Austin screamin' "I've got a critter in my butt!" Betcha rootin' for Kansas, ain't ya?

Prediction: Texas bludgeons Kansas.

Minnesota vs Iowa

Iowa can perhaps blame themselves for the loss at Ohio State. They played well - rather like Wisconsin did in the 'Shoe a few weeks back - but shot themselves in the foot at important times. But Iowa's a Big Ten Powerhouse that's here to stay beyond 2009, folks.

Prediction: Iowa. By 21

Mississippi vs LSU

If LSU is as bad as they were in the 'emotional' victory against Louisiana Tech, they'll lose. If Jevan Snead is as a bad as he's been for most of the year, Ole Miss will lose. Regardless of the result, these teams are a lot worse than Alabama.

Prediction: Ole Miss by damn!

Ohio State vs Michigan

Michigan=awful and Ohio State=not great but still good enough to win Big Ten. Rich Rodriguez to go? The boots will start to get warmed up if he loses this one.

Prediction: Closer than people think, but Ohio State still wins.

Oh, and here's our favorite rivalry song: