T.I.L.T.: Things I Love Thursday

* I love the feeling that I get from getting in my car... alone... and driving into the city with the music blaring as loud as I care to have it and not having to worry about damaging anyone's hearing except mine. And being free to yell at other drivers while using "industrial" language to describe how I feel about the guy who is driving 65km on the freeway while he sends a text. And then arriving at my destination, which happens to be my hairapist and being able to sit in the chair and relax while she works her magic on me and not having to be on edge, hoping little fingers don't grab ahold of the curling iron cord and yank it to the floor, or for a little mouth to start whining - causing my hairapist to rush through my hair cut (I suspect this is why my last haircut was not so flattering on me). And then after my haircut, being able to browse through the snooty, gourmet supermarket and take my time. And then driving home again in traffic, in the dark and not having to worry about the idiot who is turning left on a green light, waiting for 7 miles of clear space before he feels safe enough to turn while I wait impatiently behind him with white knuckles and gritting teeth because someone is crying for a bottle from the back seat. And then arriving home to have dinner almost ready to eat and the baby almost ready for bed.

* I love the attitude of my good friend Holly. Holly was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the young age of 16. She has been through many, many, many medical procedures including numerous hip replacements, a shoulder replacement, thyroid surgery, chemotherapy and a kidney transplant. She has had to adjust her lifestyle completely. She takes a pharmacy of pills everyday. And she is now facing yet another major surgery to replace a broken hip. And through all of this, she has never, ever had a "poor me" attitude and has always been the most perky and positive person that I have ever met in my life. I feel ashamed of myself to think of the wussy little things that I have whined and complained about in my life when I have never had to deal with a fraction of the shit she's been through, and all without feeling sorry for herself and usually with a smile on her face and always with a positive attitude. This is not to say that she never has bad days, I know that she had some really bad days - but it's how she deals with them that is different from most of us (me, anyways). Holly has a fantastic sense of humor and is truly a special person whom I love dearly and am thinking of on a daily basis lately. If we could muster up even half of the positive attitude that she has always held, we would all be better people.