The Final Countdown

I've been slogging along lately, feeling kinda... meh... I consulted with my calendar yesterday while making a hair appointment (oh thank goodness, I can give the hat a rest) and I realized that yesterday was exactly 4 weeks until I am to return to work full time. Well I'll be damned if that didn't slap me in the face with a big dose of reality.

Wow. That went fast.

It feels like just yesterday I was gloating and being a smart ass about leaving all those schmucks at work behind and going on to live the glorious life of a stay at home mother.

And now, all too soon I will be back in the Land of the Schmucks. I will be one of those schmucks.

But in all honesty, I think I'm ready. I love my baby girl more than... well... there are no words to describe it - but I think it will benefit us both to get out there into the world and see different things and converse with different people, play with new toys, bite new people, put our brains into use for more than figuring out if that rash requires diaper cream or what to make for dinner or how many Cheerios you can throw on the floor before your mother loses her mind.

Not to mention a decent pay cheque. That will certainly benefit all of us.

So the countdown is on, with less than 4 weeks left to enjoy my current glamorous lifestyle. I am going to try to pull myself out of the little funk that I've been in and enjoy every last minute that I have with my girl before we both go out into the Big Girl World and live the life of the regular working Joe.