Texas wins, but might give Florida or Alabama a blueprint for victory

Make no mistake about it folks, Thursday night's Texas - Texas A&M game was a Texas-style shoot-out complete with drama, fat women in the stands, and noise.

But while Texas A&M will feel once again disheartened by losing to Texas, Texas will also be disheartened.

Because while that sort of defensive performance can work against the Big XII - including Big XII North opponents Nebraska on Saturday week (are we being a little unfair), it won't wash against Florida or Alabama.

The Longhorns couldn't stop the throw all night. Think Blake Gideon & Co are going to deal with Riley Cooper better he did with the Aggies?

They weren't great against the run either. Early on, it looked as though the Aggies would get roasted on the line of scrimmage. The 'horns were awesome. But as is the case in college football, the game rolled on, and the 'D' tired. By the end of the game Christine Michael (we only wish we were joking about his first name, but seriously - he's called Christine (parents wanted a boy apparently), had 83 yards to his name, and the runs were getting bigger each time. They also had trouble stopping Aggies' QB Jerrod Johnson, too. While Texas will have fun against Greg McElroy, think Tebow won't barge them out of the way?

On the good side....Colt McCoy was a star for the Longhorns, and he's playing the best 'ball of his career.....Jordan Shipley will be a thorn in anyone's side for the last two games of his college career (he's not coming back for a seventh year is he? IS he?).....kickers against Texas will have to 'pick their poison' against Jordan Shipley or Marquise Goodwin, who can both fly.

Look, we know it was a rivalry game. But rivalry games probably come second to National Championships in terms of games everyone will talk about when careers are done and dusted.

No-one wants to be known as the team who went unbeaten during the regular season and then got smacked about during the National Championship Game.

Here's a bit of "Midnight Yell" for y'all. Ignore the first 47 seconds....