Quiet Please!

It's been a long day. Ruby had her first blood injury - nothing serious (really, it was very minor) but it was enough to put her in a pissy mood for most of the day and throw off her nap schedule. It is amazing at just how much such a minor little thing like this can really eff up my day.

Steve took Ruby and I out for dinner (very sweet but risky move considering her mood). She was a bit snitty and he was sucking back beers - which means I was on edge. What's worse than sitting next to the table with the cranky kid and the drunk husband (how about sitting AT the table with the cranky kid and the drunk husband worrying about the people at the next table). Ok, so Steve didn't get overly drunk at the restaurant and we managed to escape before Ruby's bad mood escalated. However, Steve did feel the need to pick up a 6-pack on the way home. Now he's got the music on. And he wants to talk about work. His work. And Ruby is hanging off my pant leg, whining.

I just want quiet. Peace and quiet. After a long day of trying to keep the little person happy and under control, I just want everybody to sit quietly and entertain themselves or each other and leave me alone. Of course I would appear to be the selfish, mean mommy and nasty wife if I express these wishes. So I grit my teeth and nod my head and wait for everyone to go "night-night" and/or pass out.