How Lucky We Are

Last year, I went to the Texas- Oklahoma game, and on our way back to Austin, we stopped off in Waco, Texas to watch Penn State whipping Wisconsin at Camp Randall on the TV.

Watching the game next to me was someone close to Jordan Norwood's family- then a PSU wide receiver - Annie Laurie Harris, who suffers from cerebral palsy. It was an incredible experience.

Annie's now written a book and is a champion of being able to do normal stuff - despite having a disability. If you get the chance to see her speak, then go.

If you didn't catch ESPN's piece on Jake Olsen, a kid who had cancer early on in his life which blinded him in one eye early on in his life and took the last one out before the USC-Stanford game this year, then here's the clip below.

I tried hard not to cry. And I bet after watching this, you will, too.