Goodbye Fat Charlie: The VFA Week 12 Awards

It's Thanksgiving out there people, and most of us are already thinking about turkey rather than football. Actually, that's not true......we're all thinking about turkey. AND football.

For Penn State Nation, the [add word here] 10-2 season is over, with the good hammerin' of Michigan State. Gosh we played well. Life is good at last. We'll take the Land Grant Trophy. Thanks, Staters!!

Anyway, here's some awards we are dolin' out.

The Pink Slip Award for Hapless Coaching

1. Charlie Weis. Cry all you want Charlie, it probably won't save your job. If you do stay another year, it'll be the greatest resurrection since [Touchdown] Jesus.
2. Al Groh (Virginia). Goodbye already!
3. Mike Mangino (Kansas). If the racist remarks are worse-than-they-appeared, then it won't matter what we think. Fat man is going to get his butt kicked out of hippieville.
4. Mark Richt (Georgia). We know the fate of Georgia's defensive co-ordinator Willie Martinez, but after the Kentucky game, could we be saying goodbye to Richt in the shock firing of the year? If we do, you heard it here first!
5. Joe Paterno (Penn State). Just joking. Really - he'll leave when he wants to.

Games Of The Week

1. Oregon 44, Arizona 41. What an atmosphere and what a game. Oregon wasn't at its best, but it survived. Oh, and Arizona won the best cheerleader awards. Sorry Ducks.
2. UConn 33, Notre Dame 30. It wasn't the win that moved us, it was the tears of both Coach Weis and Randy Edsall. Football's about emotion, and regardless of the result, this was pretty emotional.
3. Ole Miss 25, LSU 23. Late LSU comeback fails. We're still exhausted watching this one.
4. Penn State 42, Michigan State 14. Because at last the Nittany Lions brought the wood out. A great performance on both sides of the ball.
5. Northwestern 33, Wisconsin 31. After getting their Big Ten hopes shredded last week, Wisconsin then loses to a loser-ish team (sorry Wildcats!). But we're all sad it's over.

Best two-tool player in the nation

1. CJ Spiller (Clemson): Can run, throw and catch. The kid's the real deal.
2. Jordan Shipley (Texas): He might be 85, but his punt returner's second to none and we love his wide receiving skills.
3. Tim Tebow (Florida): He's Superman. He's Jesus. He's Florida's quarterback. His walking on water skills might be needed if the FSU game on Saturday is as wet as last week's.

Congratulations to.....

1. Connecticut's Randy Edsall. Finally gets a win for dead player Jasper Howard. Not a dry eye in the house.
2. The College Gameday guys. They finally picked a game that they would actually show. And boy, was it great. The 'student shots' made you want to sign up and take another four years of college in Tuscon.....Mama! I'm comin' home!
3. Nebraska (Big XII North Champs): The title's coming home to Lincoln, Children of The Corn, it's coming home!
4. Clemson (ACC Coastal Champs): We have to say that after the Georgia Tech game it all looked a little unlikely, but well done all!
5. Florida and Alabama. Because one of you will end up in the National Championship. And one of you will end up in the Sugar Bowl. And you'll win both games.

Quote of the day

"Jordan Shipley had a senior day with Tommy Nobis" - Rece Davis, College Football Final. We laughed anyway. BTW, CFF had a picture of Colt McCoy hugging his family on Senior Day. Anyone else noticed that his mother is smoking hot? How did he come to look like such a, well, alien?

Wish we were.....

In Tuscon last week for the Arizona game. Hot girls, lovely temperatures, and an atmosphere in Arizona Stadium that was, to die for. We would ask you to go to your recording of the U of A game and watch for the crowd shots in the fourth quarter for the reasons why.

And finally.....

Best Cheerleaders

1. Arizona
2. Oregon
3. Ole Miss
4. Florida
5. Arizona State (We can't WAIT until the Arizona-Arizona State game)

Had this song in my head...