Gators, Longhorns, Tide win, Penn State Don't: Week 10 Awards

Yes, we know. Penn State lost. And yes, we at the VFA are pretty pissed off about it. At least, we were, until we reminded ourselves that Penn State had waxed Michigan on their own turf earlier in the season, and life was feeling a little better. We also reminded ourselves that Penn State didn't have much of an offensive line either, so that wasn't surprising.

Anyway, there were plenty of surprising things:

Surprising scorelines

1. Stanford 51, Oregon 42 - Some picked Stanford, but not by 9, for crying out loud
2. Ohio State 24, Penn State 7 - Penn State fails to show up. Some say it was over at 10-7.
3. Florida 27, Vanderbilt 3 - It wasn't the Gators win, it was the struggles.
4. Boise State 45, La.Tech 35 - Entertaining, wasn't it?
5. Cincinnati 47, UConn 45 - Wow. Anyone want to play any 'D'.

'You Should Be Ranked Lower' Award

1. Florida (Should be ranked 2nd)
2. Alabama (Should be ranked 1st - they've beaten LSU, Tennessee and Ole Miss - what more can you ask?)
3. Penn State (Shouldn't be ranked at all)
4. USC (Oregon BEAT them and they are ranked above Oregon??? What??)
5.Ohio State (OSU above USC but lost to the Trojans at home. More head-scratching)

'Everybody Hates Me. But I don't Care' Award

Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State). No-one likes you in the State of Pennsylvania. Maybe the people you're related too. But you came to Penn State and played brilliantly. Respect, you ****head.

'Didn't show up Award'

1. Oklahoma's offense in the loss to Nebraska
2. Florida State's defense for the 75th time running
3. Some team from State College, Pennsylvania. Their offense, anyway.
4. LSU's ability to win close games against Nick Saban (in the last two years).
5. Oregon's 'D'. I don't care if Jim Harbaugh reckons Stanford's QB's the best in the country, you've gotta stop him!

'No defense Award'

1. Florida State gives up 40. Again.
2. Notre Dame can't stop Navy.
3. UConn (vs Cincinnati)
4. Cincinnati (vs UConn)
5. Boise State (giving up 35 points at La Tech doesn't help the voters love you)

Let's talk Heisman

1. If CJ Spiller ISN'T in New York, it's a tragedy.
2. Jimmie Clausen's got a fantastic arm, and if wasn't for him, Charlie Weis would get a pink slip.
3. Mark Ingram is still carrying the Alabama Crimson Tide....
4. Rather like Jordan Shipley (253 all-purpose yards? Are you kidding?) for Texas....
5. Some guy called Tebow knows how to win.

Let's talk pink slips

1. Al Groh (Virginia). Sorry Mr Groh, for you this Charlottesville should be over.
2. Bobby Bowden (FSU). The pressure's back on. Need. Some. Defense. Fast.
3. Charlie Weis (Notre Dame). Because a win against Washington State is NOT a marquee win.
4. SEC Officials head. The fact that the replay official in the LSU vs Alabama game is from Birmingham, Alabama is ASKING for trouble. And was there trouble? Boy, was there.....
5. Jeff Tedford (California). Producing wonderful running backs and receivers year after year is great. Falling apart in the second half of the season? Perhaps not.

What we're looking forward to this Saturday:

1.West Virginia vs Cincinnati. Big, Big East implications. Pittsburgh will be rooting for WVU. Who would have thunk it?
2.Notre Dame vs Pittsburgh. Dion Lewis could put another nail into Fat Charlie's coffin.
3. Iowa vs Ohio State. If Iowa wins, it's game on again. Unlikely though.
4. Auburn vs Georgia. The pick of the unranked game. These two hate each other - even if it won't have SEC implications.
5. Utah vs TCU. If TCU win this one, they'll be unbeaten for the rest of the year.

Somewhere in the future we're looking forward to:

1. Some sun when Penn State play in the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day. LSU would be nice. Pitt would be nicer.
2.Penn State at Alabama in the second week of the 2010 season. Not that I think the Lions will win, mind.
3. A year when Penn State's offensive line shows up against a quality, top 15 opponent.
4. More heartbreak involving the Nittany Lions. Last year Iowa, this year Iowa. 2010?
5. Kevin Newsome as a junior. The kid's quick, boys and girls.

Quickly: Is this an interception? You decide!