Championing Kindness

Having seen too much written about boys (and girls) behaving badly in websites and newspapers this week, we've decided that enough is enough.

It's now important to champion people 'doing good things'. No, this is not another blog proclaiming the brilliance of Joe Paterno, but it's another blog proclaiming the kindness that one person shows to another.

That's why we've called it the 'Kindness Championship'. In other words, if we find out about good deeds, we'll look to try and enter it into the table - rather the opposite to the Fulmer Trophy, which gets 'given out' to teams with the worst-behaved student athletes.

We realize that there are sportspeople out there that probably belong in jail. But then again, there are a lot of sportspeople out there who deserve a bit of recognition for going that extra yard.

If you know anyone who's done anything 'Championship-Worthy', then let us know and we'd glad to put something up on our new blog!

If you know of a story we can publish, then add it as a comment to the KC website or the VFA and we'll look at publishing it.

We want to know about good people doing good things. And please - this shouldn't be an opportunity for you to tell the world how another school sucks. There's enough of that already.