Cardinal beats Trojans while Catholics fall to Panthers: Week 11 thoughts

A monster of a weekend it was in the world of college football. The Stanford Cardinal trashed USC, while Charlie Weis' job prospects looking increasingly dark after a loss against Pitt. Ohio State won the Big Ten title, while doing some favors for Penn State's BCS chances (not that they should have any mind.....but we'll take it!). Oh, and the Nittany Lions won 31-10, despite a first half that was more 2004 than 2009.

The Fun Award for Great Games

1. Georgia 31, Auburn 24. A ballsy, exciting that changed momentum every time. A superb atmosphere played in great spirit.
2. Ohio State 27, Iowa 24. Usually we'd have an OT game at the top, but both sides displaying stunning decisions NOT to go for it in FT.
3.Pittsburgh 27, Notre Dame 22. Watch to see how a chop block and a terrible fumble call changes momentum. And may provide pink slips.
4.Stanford 55, USC 21. Because we didn't see the bloodbath happening. The hottie co-eds will be upset.
5. Cincy 24, West Virginia 21. Provided a ton of Friday Night highlights. The heart attack Bearcats continue on.
6. Michigan State 40, Purdue 37. If you get the chance, watch it again. An absolute cracker

The Appalachian State 2007 Award for Unexpected Results

1. Cardinal hammering Trojans
2. UCF 37, Houston 32- Case Keenum for Heisman?
3. TCU battering Utah 55-28. We thought it would be closer. Hello BCS!
4. Penn State to be so incredibly awful in the first quarter of the Indiana game. The special teams were, er, special.
5. Florida State beating the crap out of Wake Forest. From the way College Gameday was talking, you'd have thought Bobby Bowden was dead.

The Mark Ingram Players of the Week Award

1. Dexter McCluster - Over 300 all-purpose yard and FOUR TDs in win over Tennessee. Wow.
2. Toby Gerhart - 178 yards rushing all over USC. He's a big boy
3. Ingram - We're bored of the Heisman chat. Give it to him already!
4. TCU's offense - 549 yard put up in woodshedding of Utah

The Al Groh Pink Slips Award for Those Coaches in Trouble

1. Al Groh (Virginia) - End his tenure already!
2.Weis - Great comeback, Charlie, but you still lost.
3. Rich Rodriguez (Michigan) - Suddenly the locals are getting very unhappy. We are though!

The SEC Officials Award for Crap Refereeing

1. 'The Fumble' at the end of the Notre Dame game. Turned the ball over to Pitt and effectively won the game for the Irish. Problem was - Clausen's arm was going forward. After replay, a terrible turnaround call.
2. Wisconsin's John Clay getting the TD call in Wisconsin's beatdown of Michigan. Completely changed the game. On a replay, the ball didn't cross the plane. Awful

The Lee Corso Best College Gameday Moment Award

Chris Fowler on the Tennessee Situation: "Tennessee players.....holding up a convenience wearing team gear....". Everyone laughs. So do we.

The Penn State Award for Good Fans

The silence when Georgia player Dacarri Rambo was hit and lay on the ground motionless in the Auburn game at Sanford was deafening. No-one - not even the ESPN commentators - said a damned thing. In other countries, you would probably have heard cheering or talking as the player lay on the ground. But on this night, you heard nothing. A pin dropped, and I'm sure we heard it. Both Georgia and Auburn fans get a standing ovation for both sets of fans from the VFA. Makes you realise why you love college football. The game wasn't bad either.

The Michigan 2008 Award for Terrible Performances

1. Syracuse 10, Louisville 9. I'm asleep. Seriously. To the tune of the punter's boot.
2. Penn State's first half against Indiana. Truly. Sucked. On. Senior. Day.
3. Almost all 60 mins of LSU's tight win over mighty Louisiana Tech. Jarrett Lee should never quarterback again. Seriously.
4. Utah's first half against TCU, when they were 38-14 down at the break. Thanks for showing up Utes.
5. USC. We've said everything, right?

By the numbers

0. How many Penn State fans bothered to show up to the student section for Seniors Day against Indiana (not really zero, but you get my sentiment)
1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. TCU
5. Cincinnati
42. Colt McCoy has evened David Greene's NCAA record for wins after slapping Baylor. After the Longhorns slap A&M, the record will be all his.
55. Points 'That' USC defense gave up. Giggles.
10. Florida has now gone PERFECT in SEC play for the first times since 1996. Pretty impressive huh?
80. Tons of trash they probably picked up on the North Campus at Georgia from tailgaters at the Auburn game (maybe that's a little high!)
$3 Probably the price of a 50-yard line ticket to the USC-UCLA game now that both teams suck.
$300 Suddenly a terrible seat for the SEC Championship Game's looking pricey
$3,000 As is the weekend in LA with flights, booze, tickets and gear for the National Championship Game
103,000 - How many showed up - and bribed their way- into the Horseshoe again?

And last but not least, the Loving the Southland Cheerleaders of the Week

1. TCU
2. Georgia
3. Mississippi State
4. Ole Miss
5. Pitt (I'd never normally, but did well this week)

Next week, we're looking forward to

1. Oregon vs Arizona.
Oregon loses, then it'll Stanford stepping up to the Rose Bowl. Wow
2.Penn State vs Michigan State.
Sniff! Sniff! Last game of the regular season
3. Virginia vs Clemson.
Tigers can wrap up spot in ACC title game. They'll make it look tough. They always do.
4. Cal at Stanford.
Suddenly the hippies are out in force again. A Stanford win could get them into the Rose Bowl if Oregon loses to Arizona

And in Two Weeks....