Who's Haunting Who On All Hallows Eve?

After going 8-3 in Week 8, the VFA's pretty happy. Actually, check that. Considering one of the predictions we got wrong was Penn State losing in The Big House to Michigan, we're ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC.

So here we go:

Thursday night

North Carolina at Virginia Tech

We talked about the Heels being overrrated at the start of the season. Add to the VFA's ranting after Thursday's loss at Lane Stadium.

Prediction: Hokies no mood for being Jokey. VT by 21


USC vs Oregon

At last! College Gameday got it right! It's the ultimate match-up for this Saturday: the hippies against the film and rock stars. THOSE Oregon Cheerleaders and THOSE USC Song Girls. We're half expecting Will Ferrell to make an appearance on the sideline, and we're fully expecting lots of kids in dreadlocks and the smell of herbal cigarettes drifting across the Atlantic. Oh, and some pretty good football, too. People might be talking about Oregon's form at the moment - and the lack thereof from USC's 'D' - but USC know how to win in a high-pressure, high-volume situation. Remember Ohio State, kids.

Prediction: Upset Central. Oregon by 3

Florida vs Georgia

It's not going to be much of a game, Georgia and Florida fans, but it'll be a damned fine excuse to drink mounds of cocktails before trying to find your way to the stadium. If you ever make it. Florida has been awful in their last 120 minutes of football - and Georgia is ready to make it three hours of pain.

Prediction: Florida rushes through, unimpressively. Florida by 10

Penn State vs Northwestern

Penn State was good at Michigan. Northwestern aren't that great. Penn State to win? Let's hope so.

Prediction: Penn State by 21

Texas at Oklahoma State

Round about this time last year the ghouls and goblins saw Texas at their worst when they lost on a last second fright-night to Texas Tech. This time, it's the Cowboys, who last won a big home conference game.......when again? Texas is suddenly looking the best team in the country, kids. OSU is simply looking orange.

Prediction: Texas by 7

South Carolina at Tennessee

Speaking of horrible orange kids, the University of Tennessee certainly have 22 horrible ones for their starters, don't they? And to make it worse, over 100,000 people feel that they should wear the same. We won't only wonder what excuse Lane Kiffin will come up if he loses against Spurrier at Neyland.

Prediction: Spurrier loves Neyland. South Carolina by 7

Indiana at Iowa

I'm still not doubting the Hawkeyes!

Prediction: Hawkeyes again unconvincing, but win by 10 anyway.

Georgia Tech vs Vanderbilt

Vandy won't be able to stop Georgia Tech's running attack, and after they win, they can go and listen to some good ol' fashioned country music there in Nashville. Might drown out that 'Ramblin' Wreck' song.

Prediction: Georgia Tech by 30

Now, back to the match-up of the century....