Tigers Chomped: Week 6 thoughts

A few points from this weekend:

Gators Chomped

After Florida choked LSU all over Death Valley on Saturday night, Florida look unstoppable en route to a SEC Championship in a 13-3 victory. No-one will compete with them in the SEC East and with only Alabama to face in the SEC Title game - and 'Bama still have to play LSU - Florida may have cemented their spot in the National Title game. Well, they'd have to royally screw up, anyway.

Rammer Jammer!

The Crimson Tide's execution may have been horrific against Ole Miss - they could have set up a camp in the Rebels' red zone - but the defense was opportunistic and defiant. It was helped by Jevan Snead melting under the pressure, but still..... these guys should beat the Tigers at home.

Bring Out the Lion!

All reports said that half-time show rocked it, and was probably more exciting than PSU's 52-3 ass-beating of Eastern Illinois. I'm pretty happy about the performance - even if it was against a Division I-AA team.

No defense of Georgia....

You might think that I was meant to write "no defense AT Georgia", but I'm not going to defend the Bulldogs this week. They were absolutely woeful, failing to stop Tennessee's rush and making Jonathan Crompton (who, let's face, is the 2010 version of a bad Casey Clausen) look like Peyton Manning (thanks for the quote, Twitter!). Rumors in Athens circulated that Willie Martinez is going to be given his marching orders after the end of the season, and they will be louder after this embarassment where they gave up 49 points. A quick point about Lane Kiffin and the fact he can't win (or lose) with class: Shut up Lane, shut up.

...But we'll defend Bobby

Bobby Bowden has a right to leave when he damned well wants. Seminoles fans, quieten down....it's not like he does anything on the sideline anyway. This week, the Seminoles came out holding each other, and it was hard not to have a lump in your throat. Florida State lost - albeit in an incredibly entertaining 49-44 loss to Georgia Tech.

Say it ain't so, Colt, say it ain't so

If you want a team that played horribly and managed to score 38 points and play dreadfully, then it's Texas. We saw the game until it went to 31-14, but it was all about Texas' special teams, which included 'Jonathan' Shipley's touchdown (I wish I was joking, but Erin Andrews got Jordan's name wrong last night), a blocked punt that also went for a score, and a defensive interception touchdown. Colt McCoy threw for 2 TDs, but my feeling is that if Texas play this badly next week against Oklahoma, they'll be in trouble.

And Bradford's back

Sam only threw for one TD and 389 yards, but he's back and looked sharp in a 33-7 win. The Sooners also rushed for over 200 yards. This isn't a bad OU team, peeps.

Can you stop the Hawkeyes

This season the Hawkeyes' performances have ranged from the sublime to the truly awful. They managed it all in 60 minutes against Michigan. Eventually they came out and won 30-28, but they couldn't really stop Tate Forcier. Is Michigan back, or is the Big Ten this weak?

And Ohio State sleepwalks

Ohio State wasn't great against Wisconsin, but they won 31-13. Terrelle Pryor was useless for large parts of the Buckeyes win over Wisconsin, but used his legs to prove that next year and the year after (don't go after the 2010-11 season, son!) he will one of the most dangerous players in college football. His out-of-pocket speed is frightening.