The Gameday Curse

Boys and Girls,

The VFA has realized the pattern for teams this college football season for College Gameday.

ESPN comes to town, your team loses.

WEEK 1: Alabama vs Virginia Tech. Technically, Virginia Tech was wearing home colours. Alabama wins Home 0, Visitors 1

WEEK 2: USC vs Ohio State. Matt Barkley and a last-minute drive serve up any memories, Buckeyes faithful? Home 0, Visitors 2

WEEK 3: Texas Tech vs Texas. OK, the Longhorns win one. At home. No upsets though. Home 1, Visitors 2

WEEK 4: Iowa vs Penn State. I wonder what happened here, huh? Home 1, Visitors 3

WEEK 5: Florida State vs Boston College: Boston College squeaks by. We start squeaking about some guy called Bowden. Home 2, Visitors 3

WEEK 6: Florida vs LSU. Biggest game. Of the Century. LSU lose ANOTHER big one in Death Valley. Yeowch. Home 2, Visitors 4

WEEK 7: OU vs Texas. Messy, horrible game. So bad we nearly vomited during 'TurnoverGate'. Home 3, Visitors 4

WEEK 8: TCU vs BYU. TCU blows out the Cougars at home. It's a shame that the only Cougars we saw cheering were beautiful and blonde and cheering on the sideline. Home 3, Visitors 5

WEEK9: Oregon vs USC we'll see Oregon trying to pull off a monster Pac-10 upset when No.5 USC roll into Oregon to face the No.10 Ducks. Everyone wearing green will hope the score's 4-5 by game end.