Sleep robbing thoughts

Ever wake up in middle of the night to go pee and when you get up and stumble to the bathroom you try to keep your eyes only barely squinted open and you don't turn on any lights and you don't flush the toilet in hopes of staying as close to that beautiful state of sleep as possible so that you can fall back into bed and right back into a nice deep sleep, only to find that by the time you get back to bed, despite your best efforts your mind has fully woken up and has somehow been slammed into overdrive?

And you start thinking about every little problem or issue or question that you have ever had and somehow you NEED to find a solution to them all at that very moment in time - preventing you from getting back to sleep until about 10 minutes before your alarm goes off (or in my case when the baby wakes up)?

And no matter how hard you try, sleep won't come. No matter how many times you tell yourself that these thoughts can wait until morning, you still can't get them to stop racing, willy nilly through your head.

That happens to me a lot. Last night was no exception. No, last night was a prime example of this occurrence. (I am so tired today)

But today, this morning - I made myself pick up where I left off last night and got down to thinking about some things that need to be taken care of. And I managed to find a solution. It's not perfect, no... but a perfect solution is rare and I accept that. I called Steve at work to share my thoughts (since it's something we've both been trying to figure out - I'm just the only idiot who stays awake thinking about it) He was happy with my solution and even added to it with some thoughts of his own.

So there. Problem solved. Now will I be able to sleep well tonight, or will some other nagging thought pop into my head, causing my brain to run another marathon at 2am? Possibly. But at least for now it feels good to have shot down one of the big ones, and to know that there will be one less robber in my head stealing from me my sleep.