SEC Officials in horrific call encore at Florida vs Arkansas game

The VFA has always said this: "I don't mind if you beat me fair and square, but if you beat me because of [add expletive here] official calls, I'm going to be really, really upset."

Florida's 23-20 comeback win against Arkansas wasn't particularly about the last minute drive that cemented everyone's view that Tim 'Son of Christ' Tebow should get the Heisman trophy.

It was the call when the score was Arkansas 20, Florida 13 that did it.

Two straight penalties - one for a pass interference penalty that never was and then a personal foul penalty for a fair block that could only been given if either the referee was a) on crack or b) on crack or c) a terrible referee gave Florida 25 yards, making it easy for Florida to score a touchdown.

On the winning drive, there was a 'call-that-never-was' against Riley Cooper, where CBS' Gary Danielson, the VFA and all of the college football world were shocked when a pass intereference call was NOT given.

Come on SEC referees! Gives us a break! Please! Go to coaching school! Go to sight school! Go to special school! Just stop being so darned inconsistent!!