Rainy Day

Today we are trapped inside our house. Ruby and I have no car and it is pouring rain outside which means we cannot walk to Walmart to buy our Halloween candy. Perhaps this is a good thing as the less time it spends in my house, the more chance it has of actually reaching the bags of trick-or-treaters and not the insides of Steve's stomach. This also means there will be less tiny little candy wrappers for me to find hiding in bathroom drawers, under his pillow and in Ruby's diaper basket.

So in an effort to not go stark raving mad keep myself occupied, Ruby and I went looking for projects to do in the house to keep us busy.

First thing we tackled was my book shelf. I am completely anal about my books. They are lined up on my shelf with all the spines neatly aligned. They are also in alphabetical order by author. Unless they are self help books, in which case they are put in order of size on the top shelf where I hope nobody will ever notice them because I like for people to think that I have my shit together and never require any outside assistance.

My brother, who has always enjoyed driving me crazy, used to get immense pleasure out of nonchalantly pushing my books out of order with his toes while I wasn't watching. Making them all uneven and... just... WRONG. It drove me nuts.

And now, with Ruby on the go you can imagine how much this drives me to the edge of insanity:
(What was that about self help books??)
So today was the perfect day to rearrange the paperback shelf (my hardcovers are on a different shelf that she doesn't seem to notice or care about). I *think* I've rearranged things so the books are up high enough that she can't reach, or so that at the very least they aren't right at eye level for her to be tempted.

So far so good. I think...

Next up, we decided to do some baking. We baked some strawberry and cream cheese filled muffins. And by *we* I mean *I* baked the muffins while Ruby tore pages out of read my cookbooks quietly on the kitchen floor. You might say that perhaps my next project should be to move the cookbooks to higher ground, but you should know that the space where the cookbooks are currently residing is the exact space where my wine glasses were previously housed and that now the wineglasses are taking up valuable space in the places where little fingers cannot reach them and throw them on the tiled floor. You should also know that I quite possibly have the worlds smallest kitchen and storage space is limited. Wine glasses trump cookbooks and the cookbooks are taking a hit until I find a better resolution.

Back to the muffins. Muffins filled with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. They turned out awesome. We loved them. And by *we* I mean *I* loved two of them and Ruby loved her Minigo yogurt.

I think that having two home made, smallish muffins is equal to or less than the number of calories that I would have consumed had it not been raining and had I been able to stop in at Starbucks for a scone and a tea on my way home from getting our Halloween candy. Actually, I've seen the nutritional content for those Starbucks scones and I think I can have at least one more home made muffin and still be in the good.

As for our next project... I was thinking of carving our pumpkin. That is until I came back to my senses and realized that if I can't keep her from destroying my cookbooks while I mix up a batch of muffins, then my odds aren't going to be too good with sharp objects and pumpkin guts and seeds. The pumpkin carving will either have to wait until nap time or until Steve gets home and can distract her with a cell phone or television remote.
*Don't worry, the hatchet she's playing with isn't very sharp at all. Totally safe.