Penn State Pitches Shutout Against Minnesota

As it's still baseball season (with the weather in State College today, you could have convinced us it was skiing season!), apparently, our title with the ingenious "pitches" bit hopefully will stir up some good memories of summer.

Well, Penn State seems to have come quite a way since the beshorted masses saw the Nittany Lions win their first game of the season against Akron.

Because in snowy conditions, the voracious PSU defence dominated the line of scrimmage, holding the Golden Gophers to a paltry 138 yards - including an absolutely brilliant goal-line stand with the Lions already leading 20-0.

The terrific defensive work more than made up for penalty upon penalty committed at the line of scrimmage, which was decently described as 'learning points' for Joe Paterno afterwards.

Here are some other things for the blackboard:

1) Give some love to Royster: 137 yards of power running today. Say prayers for no injuries for the rest of his career - and no decision to leave for the NFL in 2010.

2) Derek Moye : 120 yards receiving including one spectacular TD catch, which was highlight reel good.

3) Student section: ESPN's decision to show the 'Big Uglies' (repeatedly) as well as a number of PSU hotties was a good one. Big Ten officials also reprimanded PSU's student section for throwing snowballs at Gopher players. Three times. You might be disgusted. We here at the VFA actually find it quite amusing.

And some other things on the day:

1) Colt McCoy looks like an alien. Yes, we're serious. One with a good arm and legs, but he's still an alien. And a happy one at that after the 16-13 win over 0klahoma.

2) Florida + SEC refs + Good kicker = win over Arkansas 23-20. The 'Backs missed their chances to have the game over with by half-time, to be fair. Mallett may have the best arm in the SEC, but directionally, it sucks.

3) USC escapes Notre Dame with a 34-27 win. After being 34-14 up, the Trojans contrive to nearly hand it back to the Irish. This was probably another classic though.

4) Boil This! Purdue knocks off Ohio State in a stunner 26-18. The Boilermakers nearly fell off the boil in a big way, only to come back and win.

5) I'm still furious about the SEC officiating. Almost as much as I was in the 2005 Penn State loss against Michigan. But not quite....