Penn State makes history

John Wooden.....Hollywood sign....Jack Nicholson.....Bill Walton........You have company!

Actually, that's not exactly true - the Penn State Women's Volleyball team continues to kick ass and take names after posting their 88th straight victory (yes, you read that right!) after whipping the seventh ranked Minnesota Gopherettes (or whatever they are called) 3-0 in State College on Friday night.

That's right. 88. 88 games without a loss. That's seriously, seriously good.

It ties UCLA's men's basketball team of the 1971-74 years, and should have draws dropping around the nation. It won't, because women's volleyball doesn't get the love of 'bigger sports', but the VFA knows what good is.....and PSU's team is just that.

Next up in Stanford's women tennis team, who posted 89 wins from 2003-7 and are third on the all-time list.

The top? North Carolina's women's soccer team (92 in the 1990-94 years) and then the ultimate: Miami's men's tennis team, which won an ungodly 137 matches from 1957-64.

Next up for the Nittany Lions is a trip to Mad-town to face Wisconsin, who they beat 3-0 at home. Jump around!!