Nittany Lions munch Wolverines: Week 8 Awards

It was a good week from the View From North America. Angels got their wings because Michigan lost - and the fact that it was against Penn State life was so much better.
The VFA gives out our Week 8 Awards. We don't give out helmet stickers - on anything else - by the way.

Performances of the week Award

1. Clemson upsets Miami in overtime in a classic.
2. Penn State beating Michigan. And now we're 2-0 against RichRod in the last two years.
3. Tennessee standing up to Alabama. Forget the SEC officials- let's get the kicker!
4. TCU crushing BYU. We'll say no. Like millions of people, we didn't see it.
5. Texas rolling over Missouri. 41 points on the road isn't too shabby, is it?

You can stick your 'Back' Up Your Ass Award

1. Nebraska - Burn the blackshirts after a dreadful loss to Iowa State which conjured up PSU fans memories of losing to Iowa 6-4 a few years ago.
2. Miami - Losing to Clemson proves what might happen if you could stop CJ Spiller
3. Michigan - Getting romped on their own turf isn't a good sign for 2009, is it?
4. UCLA - Norm Chow must be ready to shoot himself after another inept offensive performance.
5. Washington - Getting hammered 43-19 wasn't Mr. Sarkasian's best coaching effort, was it?

'Thanking the Refs' Award

Florida's 29-19 win over Mississippi State was marred by a horrific TD call, which ESPN College Football Final later showed evidence that Dustin Doe dropped the ball.

'God That Was Close' Award

1. Alabama squeaks by Tennessee, mostly thanks to a 500 pound gorilla called Cody- and the ineptitude of the UT offence.
2. Iowa scores on a last second drive to beat Michigan State. The rest of the world wonders if MSU can actually play last quarter defense.
3. USC defence sucks it up against Oregon State, but still prevail 42-36 in a classic.
4. Florida State knocks off North Carolina. What's going on Butch?
5.Notre Dame stops Boston College, giving everyone (including a few priests) a bloody great heart attack. The Irish's season's been nothing if not entertaining, hasn't it?

'We Can't Wait' Award

1. USC vs Oregon. Gameday's there, and the Trojans are going to face a wall of sound in Eugene. Could be the biggest upset of the day.
2. Penn State vs Northwestern. Because this blog loves Penn State.
3. Georgia vs Florida. It's going to be one very, very fun cocktail party, although the smart money's on Georgia losing by 21.
4. Texas vs Oklahoma State. The Longhorns will definitely have something to worry about when playing the Cowboys.
5. Tulane vs LSU. The 'Booze Bowl' - regardless of the result, is always a lot of fun.

Here's what happened when Penn State played Northwestern in 2005