Longhorns or Hokies? Week 6 Awards

Alex Ferguson had waaaaaaay too much fun watching Week 6 of the college football season last Saturday, and looks forward to the same sort of service being resumed this weekend.

But thinking back....

"Who's The Third And Fourth Best Team Award?"

Texas beat Colorado by a mile on paper, but looked terrible, while Virginia Tech really did beat the crap out of Boston College. Virginia Tech is the third best team in college football right now. Sorry Longhorns!

"Who's Going To Stop Florida?" Award

Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

"Who's Going To Stop Alabama" Award

Florida in the SEC Championship Game.

"Dark Horse for the Heisman" Award

1. Jordan Shipley (Texas) - McCoy didn't look good - but would have looked a hell of a lot worse without Shipley. He's a punt return and wide receiving menace. Wes Welker of the future, anybody?
2. Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame) Yes, we're still talking about him
3. Sam Bradford (Oklahoma). He's a dark horse because he got injured of the first game. If he puts 50 points on Texas, consider him back.

"Give Them Some Love" Award

We love you, Bobby Bowden. So do opposing offenses. But really, we're giving all the love this week to David Cutcliffe, who's Duke team dropped 49 POINTS on NC State. On the road. Blue Devils. Hoooooooo! But seriously, Bowden should go when he damned well wants to.

"Best Game of Week 6 Award"

1. Thunder. Lightning. Excitement. Georgia Tech 49, Florida State 44.
2. Big Ten IS fun. Iowa 30, Michigan 28 in a black-out.
3. SEC! SEC! SEC! South Carolina 28, Kentucky 26. The only difference was a ****-up 2 point conversion.
4. Kansas 41, Iowa State 36. Big XII in non-defense surprise
5. Oklahoma State 36, Texas A&M. Aggies fans must be bored of valiant losses.

"Best Cheerleaders Award"

1. UCLA. Actually makes you WANT to show up early in the UCLA student section on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
2. LSU. To the brunette always in the centre of the screen on College Gameday: Name please?
3. Texas. Chaps. Shorts. Wonderful. Minus points for squeaking and high kicking. Made you sound like a chiwawa.
4. Ole Miss. The only win Ole Miss had all day against Alabama!
5. Oregon. You didn't think I'd leave them out, did you?

"What We're Looking Forward To In Week 7" Award

1. Oklahoma vs Texas. It's going to be a war in the Cotton Bowl. Fried Corn Dogs and Beer all round!
2. USC vs Notre Dame. USC is shaking. Touchdown Jesus is watching. Can't say fairer than that, can you?
3. Cincinnati vs South Florida. ESPN's going to serve up yet another cracker from the Sunshine State. Did you know that South Florida students are laughing because they are over 21 and can drink beer during a game in Tampa Stadium? No need for flasks!
4.Iowa at Wisconsin. Wisconsin outplayed Ohio State and found a way to lose. They'll be hoping to jump around against Iowa.
5. Minnesota vs Penn State. Because I'm a Penn State fan.

And The "You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!" Award....