Jesus, can you give Penn State a break?

First of all, give Penn State a break.

From the distance, it looked like a cross. It really did. Up close - unless you're around 20 ft in, it still looks like a cross.

But really, so what? It's 401 times better than the big blue line down a white helmet, which I swear to God looks like a butt.

We realise that you'd had to lay off an old person for about a week because Bobby Bowden actually won a football game this season - against a decent(ish) team in North Carolina. We realise you have nothing else to do. But seriously - shut up.

It doesn't matter. The students could do a "Naked Out" for all we cared - if it meant that Penn State beats Ohio State in November.

Nice work by the Gopher. Next time you pray, can I suggest you do it AFTER a game?