Could Georgia REALLY beat Florida?

Could the Georgia Bulldogs really beat the Florida Gators on Saturday afternoon?

Or has the VFA just been drinking too much moonshine in an effort to pregame for The Cocktail Party That Shall Not Be Named Like That Lest We Encourage Binge Drinking Because God Forbid That Sort Of Thing Would Ever Happen At A College Football Game?

Listen, here's our rationale -

1) Florida has been awful for the past 120 minutes

If you haven't seen any of the Florida Gators last two games, where they snuck past the Arkansas Razorbacks thanks to an awful officials' call or two and then beat off the challenge of Mississippi State despite their star quarterback throwing two Pick 6s and playing dreadfully, then do, and then ask yourself: "Is this really the best team in the Nation?"
In fact, Florida hasn't really blown anyone out since they went on the road to Kentucky, and suddenly all the talk - from the romantics- has been about the Alabama Crimson Tide.

2) Tim Tebow isn't himself

The hit in the Kentucky game was a fair one, but it wasn't a nice one. We'll throw this one out there, although he was good-to-great against LSU, he was pretty awful against Arkansas and worse against MSU. Georgia's secondary may not be good, but it's opportunistic.

3) The Dogs have AJ Green

Don't get us wrong - we agree that Florida has the best secondary in the country. We agree that Joe Cox is apt. to throw it at them, too, since he can't seem to go a game without throwing at least one to the other team. But get this: his favourite target is the best wide receiver in college football: AJ Green. Sorry kids, but he's absolutely filthy. While other teams couldn't punish Florida for their mistakes, Green will.

4) There's the revenge factor

OK, so maybe Florida was getting its own back for getting its ass kicked by the Dawgs in 2007, but Georgia's back in revenge city. They had to sit there and stew while Urban Meyer called his two late timeouts, and they've had to sit there and stew while the world's talked about alligators and very little about Bulldog. With 40,000 fans cheering them, revenge may be a dish solved hot.

5) But to win....

They have to eliminate mistakes. Because if there's one team that's horrifically mistake-prone in college football, it's the Georgia Bulldogs. On their day, they can beat anybody. But they make too many mistakes - on both sides of the ball - to be a No.1 team. If they eliminate mistakes on Saturday, they won't be No.1, but they will sure as hell eliminate No.1 from National Championship contention.

Prediction: I'll take Georgia and the points. We don't they'll beat Florida, but they'll cover.