Christians Mormon Bait? Week 8 Predictions

Right, so this week already started off weirdly enough with ESPN's announcement that they were going to Provo, Utah for the BYU vs TCU game for College Gameday, despite the fact that most of the country won't see the game and even less people particularly care.

The VFA wants you in Bristol to know you made the right choice: There isn't a bigger game out there between two ranked teams. There are, however, bigger games.


Florida State vs UNC

UNC is thinking ahead to basketball season and Florida State is thinking about whether to bounce Bobby after the season's end. FSU obviously don't have a problem scoring points - they put 44 up on Georgia Tech two weeks ago- but their defence is a shambles. Carolina's isn't a lot better. This'll be fun.

Prediction: Florida State. Finally. In a shoot-0ut.



Christians vs Mormons. Although we're reliably informed that Texas Christian University is in fact as "Christian as Las Vegas", the case isn't the same for BYU, which takes its faith rather seriously. That's why we can't wait for the signs: "Trust Joseph Smith!" "What would The Prophet do?" (we jest!!) But get this: Provo's not an easy place to play, and TCU is going to have its work cut out to remain unbeaten.

Prediction: Christians win. TCU by 7

Penn State vs Michigan

Penn State hasn't beat Michigan in La Grande Maison since Joe Paterno was a boy, and many think that trend won't change here. Michigan's unstoppable offense is playing an awesome defence, while Penn State's offense is playing an awful defense. Should be fun, huh? Turnovers will make the difference in this game - is it has whenever these two teams get together.

Prediction: Michigan fans crowing.....again. Michigan by 7

Florida vs Mississippi State

Florida's unbeaten season wasn't just helped by an awesome Tebow drive and some dubious SEC officiating last Sunday, it was helped by Arkansas' ineptitude in the red zone, too. Mississippi State couldn't force the ball in against LSU - what makes you think they'll do that against the mighty Gators, who must have learned their lessons from last Saturday?

Prediction: Last week's Arkansas game was close. This won't be. Gators by 31

Tennessee vs Alabama

Tennessee and Alabama absolutely hate each other. They really do. It's something to do with Fulmer ratting out the Crimson Tide for dodgy dealings. Now, with Lane 'The Mouth' Kiffin in charge of UT, expect the hatred to increase even further.

Prediction: Rammer Jammer. Alabama by 10

Minnesota vs Ohio State

Terrelle Pryor is suddenly the most talked-about quarterback in football - for the wrong reasons. True, he sucked it up against Purdue, but doesn't every quarterback have a rough time once in a while. Expect some anger to be taken out by the Buckeyes.

Prediction: The Ragin' Sweatervests make a statement. Buckeyes by 30

Texas vs Missouri

Last season, this was meant to be an incredible match-up between Colt McCoy and Chase Daniel. The result wasn't even close. Anyone care to bet against a similar scoreline on Saturday?

Prediction: Longhorns cowboy up, and win by 28

Oregon at Washington

The hippies are on the march again, with Oregon suddenly making statements that scare the rest of college football. Since the USC game, Washington's been very ordinary, and were stunned by a last second loss at Arizona State. Washington fans won't have to worry about that this week....they may well be able to leave at half-time. But didn't we say that against USC?

Prediction: Washington pulls off another monster upset.

Iowa at Michigan State

Like Bart Simpson in the opening of "The Simpsons", I'll write the lines: "I will not write off Iowa again/I will not write off Iowa again".

Prediction: There ya go! Iowa by 14

Connecticut vs West Virginia

We'll all have a lump in our throats when we think about UConn CB Jasper Howard, who was stabbed to death on Saturday night. Although there will be sympathy from the thousands of Mountaineer fans for UConn supporters following Howard's death, I doubt it'll translate onto the field. Expect WVU to win big.

Prediction: West Virginia by 30. And let's hope they find the b****** that killed Jasper Howard.

Clemson vs Miami

Are the 'U' really for real? Jacory Harris is a fun quarterback, and he'll face a Clemson side who yet again has failed to live up with expectations. The big exception for that is CJ Spiller, who will have a good career in the NFL.

Prediction: Miami in a close one, by 7.

And finally, I've got this song in my head: