Awww... Fudge!

A few years back Steve and I were at a wedding. We had only been seated at the reception for a few minutes when Steve excused himself to go use the bathroom. While I was sitting there by myself, I noticed the party favors on the table. For a brief moment I thought they were square blocks of fudge. They were shaped like fudge, they were a little bit soft like fudge, they looked a lot like fudge. I thought to myself, "Oh! Steve will love this!" because fudge is Steve's absolute weakness. He LOVES fudge.

Upon further inspection, I realized that these were not chunks of fudge after all, but bars of soap.

When Steve got back to the table and sat beside me, I said with a smirk on my face, "Look! Fudge!"

His eyes lit up and he grabbed a chunk of it and unwrapped it.

All the people sitting at our table were around our age. We had met one or two of them before but mostly we were making new friends. Everyone watched Steve with his bar of soap with smirks on their faces - which egged me on.

I said, "Taste it! See how it is!"

Part of me thought he knew it was soap. Part of me thought it would be a funny prank to play if he didn't.

In slow motion I watched him put the soap in his mouth and take a HUGE bite out of it.


My guilt kicked in just as his teeth began to sink in. How cruel could I be? Everybody was laughing at with him as he realized what had happened. I grabbed his hand that held the soap and pulled it away (too late, bitch). I could see that he was a little bit embarrassed and a little bit pissed off at me. Maybe more than a little.

And I felt baaaaad.

And I've never lived it down. It's been a touchy subject ever since that day (years ago).

Until recently.

We were at the One of a Kind Show in Vancouver last weekend and we came upon a booth that was selling fudge. All kinds of fudge. Every flavour you could imagine.

And he looked and me and said, "I want some fudge. Real fudge. Not soap."

I said, "If I buy you some will you forgive me for the soap incident?"


"And can we then joke about it and admit that it was kinda funny and I don't have to feel bad about it ever again?"


They had a deal where you could buy 4 chunks of fudge for $20 and get a fifth chunk for free.

So four years and twenty dollars worth of delicious fudge later, I am free to joke/blog/talk about the soap incident and I no longer have to feel any guilt about it whatsoever. As an added bonus I got to tell the soap/fudge story to the people selling the fudge and THEY thought it was hilarious. They gave me their brochure for the next time I'm in the "dog house".