Well done, Iowa

This is a note to the Iowa Hawkeyes: Well done.

You outplayed us.

It wasn't a fluke 21-10 victory in Happy Valley, it was a demonstration.

It was a demonstration of how to win when the odds are against you and 110,000 want to kill you.

Your defense didn't look like a college defense. At times, it looked like the darned Pittsburgh Steelers. Joe Paterno - for the whole of the offseason - talked about the weak offensive line, and he was right. You tore through it with ease.

Our defense was pretty good. We managed to stop your miniscule running backs - well, until the fourth quarter - but we could stop your special teams and, to be honest, you seemed to want it more than we did.

You didn't win on terrible calls (well, apart from the blocking the punter one, but hey - we had a couple of holding calls go our way), you won because you played your heart out.

Good luck Iowa. Good luck for the future. And watch out Big Ten.