Week 5 Predictions

Last week we were quite happy about nailing the Georgia Tech prediction, but less-than-happy about completely missing Ole Miss and, of course, Penn State....amongst others.

Anyway, here's the VFA's thoughts on Week 5

Thursday night

Colorado vs West Virginia

Last year Colorado alum and ESPNer Chris Fowler was ready to wet his pants when the Buffs beat West Virginia in the Rockies. Don't worry Chris, it won't happen this year. Colorado is awful.

Prediction: Bring out the couches. West Virginia by 14.


Michigan at Michigan State

Generally, these have been brilliant games and we can't wait for the 2009 version (although we'll be tailgating in the North Lawn at the University of Georgia so probably won't be watching it!) from Spartan Stadium. The Sparts were a mite unlucky to lose at Notre Dame, and the Wolverines dodged a bullet against Indiana. If we can have finishes like that again, we're in for a cracker.

Prediction: Spartans in the upset. Michigan State by 3

Wisconsin at Minnesota

Axes apart, this is a great rivalry and a good old-fashioned Big Ten brawl. Both sides haven't exactly been wonderful advocates of the conference this year, but unbeaten Wisconsin don't care.

Prediction: Minnesota in a classic.

Alabama at Kentucky

Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy will be hoping his offensive line doesn't go to sleep in the same way that Florida's did midway through a blowout. You know why? Alabama has far too much power up front, and at running back. That wide receiver Julio Jones isn't bad either.

Prediction: Rammin' Jammin' Alabamin' by 21 (in')

Washington at Notre Dame

Washington's awful home loss to Stanford meant one of two things: 1) They got lucky against an inordinately bad USC team or 2) They were on a bad day last Saturday. Anyway - Jake Locker & Co has to improve in South Bend against an Irish side who are suddenly finding their feet again - albeit slowly.

Prediction: Closer than it would have been last year. Notre Dame by 10

USC vs California

USC was awful in its blowout victory over Washington State, while Cal was awful in its blowout loss at Oregon. This is an early Pac-10 showdown, but we'll all be hoping for a good game after last week. Oh, and Jahvid Best needs a good game to put him back on the lips of the pro-Heisman faithful, while USC need a break of luck after losing running back Stafon Johnson in a freak accident in the weight room.

Prediction: USC by 7 in a cracker.

Auburn at Tennessee

Lane Kiffin might have a great recruiting class in 2010 (according to SI), but his team in 2009's pretty darned awful. This is the second worst team in the SEC East (sorry, Lane), and will be lucky to make a bowl. Auburn, however, has shocked the critics and is unbeaten thus far this season. Chris Todd, who's thrown for over 1,000 yards this season had better be on his game, because UT can close down the run. And UT quarterback Crompton has to get better, having thrown 8 interceptions already (yes, we're serious).

Prediction: Tennessee knocks off an unbeaten in a quiet surprise.

Florida State at Boston College

A question for College Gameday: Are you at this game for one of the following reasons: 1) Because you want to make sure that you preview a FSU game before Bowden gets fired 2) You're expecting the same FSU-BC fireworks that happened in 2007 with Matt Ryan's late interception throw 3) It's the only time Boston will be interested in college football during October 4) You fancied a Sam Adams or two or 5) It was near Bristol, CT or 6) Someone had to keep Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit away from the Georgia ladies and an SEC match-up they weren't going to be showing.

Prediction: Florida State continue their Jekyll & Hyde form, and win by 14

The "Why Weren't We Chosen For College Gameday?" Crew

1. Oklahoma vs Miami

One of the weekend's best match-ups. We don't know if Sam Bradford's going to start, but it doesn't matter the way that OU's offense is packing the punches. If Miami can't stop 'em, Oklahoma's in trouble. On the other side, Miami had a nightmare in the wind and rain of Lane Stadium. They looked dreadful. Jacory Harris will need to be on form if Miami pulls off the upset.

Prediction: Oklahoma rollin' all the way to the State Fair.

2. LSU vs Georgia

Unfortunately Kirk won't have any keys for this one because it's going to be shown on CBS, so he might just have to make a prediction. Here's our prediction: it's going to be loud, it's going to be fast, and it's going to have lots of pretty sorority girls looking for their hero in Big Bi Psi, who isn't the man they think he is. Anyway, back to the football. LSU avoided a bullet at Mississippi State and Georgia's been avoiding them all year long. Georgia owns LSU at the moment, the Tigers will be ready to go.

Prediction: Georgia by 4 on a last-ditch touchdown drive. And the party! Yes!