Week 4 Awards

Sorry this is a little late, but we're going with the 'Awards Stuff again'. No point in doling out the booze, since we're expecting so much of the damned stuff in Athens, GA when we hit up the LSU-Georgia game on Saturday.

"Wow, That Was Lucky" Award

1. LSU's goal-line stand against Mississippi
2. Ole Miss - that South Carolina could have been better and beaten them into a pulp.
3. Michigan - once again surviving - this time on a B.S. Call against Indiana

"The Don't Count Us Out" Award

1. Alabama. Florida loses, the Tide should go No.1. We may well see at the SEC Title game....
2. Ohio State. At your peril.
3. Oregon. Was a very one-sided track meet.
4. Georgia Tech. The performance against the Heels was impressive.
5. TCU - Just when all the talk was about Boise, the Frogs sneak under the radar.

'The Under The Radar Award"

1. Iowa. Who saw them coming? Seriously? Who?
2. South Florida. The 'Noles didn't show up. They did.
3. Virginia Tech. Might well be the best team in the ACC.

"The Ooooooooh Award"

1. Tim Tebow getted laid out by Kentucky's Taylor Wyndham. Wyndham's got nothing to apologise for. Tebow's offensive linesman does.
2. AJ Green's blocked field goal and stunning catch. Might be the best WR in college football.
3. Georgia's finish against Arizona State. Classic.
4. Houston vs Texas Tech. An absolute classic. A wee bit low-scoring, too.

"The Overrated Award"

1. Penn State. After losing at home, reality has suddenly returned to Happy Valley. They never were the fourth or fifth-best team in the nation. And not a top 10 one, either.
2. Florida State. How can a team show up for one game and not for another? The Noles were terrible!
3. North Carolina. We told you about Georgia Tech. You should have listened.
4. Florida and Texas. Alabama has played one better team that both of you guys combined....and won.
5. USC. This is a poor USC team - make no mistake about it.

"The 'Well THAT Sucked' Award"

It's a tie! Miami didn't show up against Virginia Tech, Cal didn't at Oregon, and Penn State's offensive offense didn't against Iowa!

"The Undercover Heisman Award" (Guys we think have a chance)

1. Jimmy Clausen. He might be one of the best QBs in college football.
2. Case Keenum. Houston QB's got the tongues waggling.
3. Iowa's defence. This guys look like the Pittsburgh Steelers.....and play like them.