Week 3 Awards

In honor of Penn State freshman Joseph Dado, who was found dead in a stairwell on Sunday after the PSU game, the VFA isn't going to give our booze awards.

Here's our Week 3 awards (A little late, we know)!!

The 'Did you REALLY see that happening?' Award

First, Washington beating USC. Then Washington getting a ranking in 2009.

The 'Why Can't You Just Grow Up?' Award

Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer. Seriously.

The 'Does He Ever Age?' Award

Bobby Bowden. People called for his head, and then his 'Noles beat the crap out of BYU on their own turf.

The 'Oh God, They're Back' Award

The hammering of Georgia Tech by a young Miami Tech means one thing: The swagger is back. Let's hope it comes with less trips to the police station.

The 'We Wish They Weren't Back' Award

Michigan. Ohio State and Penn State fans unite in fear - both of us might receive a beating from them.

The 'Let's Talk About Me For a Heisman' Award

Jahvid Best (California) and because Sam Bradford's not getting one in 2009, Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame. Both players have been outstanding.

The 'They Changed The Law Because Of Me' Award (Belatedly)

Stand up, Sergio Kindle. Unfortunately, texting while driving wasn't a crime until you did it.....and smashed into a building.

The 'Overrated' Award

1. Penn State
2. Ole Miss (really, they aren't the fourth best team in the country)
3. Texas (Alabama's a better team)
4. North Carolina (Sorry, who have they struggled against this year?)
5. Oklahoma State (Houston slams you AT home and you're ranked above them?? What?)

The 'Underrated' Award

1. Georgia (52 on the road? Top 15 ranking??)
2. Clemson (Better than Tech and were unlucky to lose in Week 2)
3. Georgia Tech (watch: they'll beat UNC this week)
4. Auburn (playing well - and beat West Virginia)
5. UCLA (winning at UT is no easy feat)

And finally...

The 'Can't ****ing Wait' Award

Iowa at Penn State.
White Out. Revenge lives here.
LSU at Georgia.
Because I'm going.