Thursday night bloodbath: Miami hammers Georgia Tech

The swagger's back in the Sunshine State.

No, we know that it's existed in Gainsville for a while, but when was the last time you heard the words "Miami" and "challenging for a BCS Bowl" in the same sentence?

Well, on the evidence of 'The U''s 33-14 destruction of Georgia Tech, you'll hear it quite a lot this season.

First of all, they have a leader in quarterback Jacory Harris. Listening to his interview after the game, you can tell that the kid's bright. He's a lot brighter on the field. His decision making in his 270 yard, three touchdown performance was first class- there was only one moment where he made a wrong decision. Harris is also pretty useful out of the pocket, and can throw on the run. Not quite Jake Plummer-style, but he's pretty good for a sophomore.

Secondly, the Hurricanes are talented offensively. At running back, it's difficult to catch - let along stop - Greig Cooper, who also doubles as one of the quickest return men in college football. The wide receivers - all well over 6 foot - have good hands and can block . The 270 yards receiving was on what was meant to be a pretty strong Jackets secondary.

Thirdly, their defense is like a whirling dervish. Sure, it's easy when you've had a bye week after a titanic battle against Florida State. But get this - apart from a lousy first drive and a couple of lapses of concentration when the game was in the bag, the sea of orange was every where. You could signal out a playmaker, but then again, don't. There are an awful lot of them. Although the Jackets didn't turn the ball over, it didn't matter. Jackets quarterback Josh Nesbitt saw his offensive line constantly obliterated by the Hurricanes, and had to throw balls somewhere well behind his line.

Fourthly, they are well-coached. The 74 yards in penalties wasn't wonderful, but this team look organised. Not only that, but Mark Whipple efforts at offensive coordinator were brilliant. Miami rarely broke a stride, changing it up between no huddle. Whipple even kept it classy, running the ball almost all of the fourth quarter, when he could have quite easily tried to rack the score up.

Miami's biggest problem will be the kicking game and defensive special teams, it seems. Miami's first two kick-offs were woeful, and their defense when Tech actually brought the ball back wasn't that special, either. Matt Bosher missed two field goals at the end of the game. When things are relaxed, it should be easy to nail a 20 or 30 yarder. What will happen when things get tight?

Oh, and we loved the co-eds on show today (albeit not too close, sadly), but check out this even sexier block.