The New AP Poll: You're joking, right?

Sorry, we've just seen the new AP Poll and we've got to say these three words: "You're joking, right?"

Seriously. Penn State at No.5 (albeit tied with Ole Miss)?

They've played NOBODY. OK, so nor have Texas. Or Florida.

Why isn't USC and Alabama No.2 and No.3, after big wins against USC and Virginia Tech. Sure, Florida should still be No.2 - because they've caned both of their opponents and ARE the best team in college football, and Penn State sitting happily at 7?

There's another reason why Penn State are No.5 - no-one watches the Big Ten Network.

If they had (and bearing in mind where we write from, it's a little impossible!), then they would have seen an offense that could get its running game started (72 YARDS AGAINST SYRACUSE?), a team that played without inspiration ("uninspired" was the word used by a friend of ours who watched the game) or style.

Heck, it was so bad that the Penn State Football Story ended with the line (it was 2-0 nonetheless).

And people might not think about style points, but get this: Florida scores a bunch of points against whoever they play. Texas - despite looking like roadkill in the first half against Wyoming, hit a second and third gear and won 41-10. Alabama did the same against Florida International. USC's defense kept them in the game against Ohio State (and vice-versa), but this is still one of the best teams in the country. Penn State? The FIFTH best team in the country? Not so much, my friend.