The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Blade (Part 3)

I won't drag you all through the long and drawn out ordeal that it was to get my money back yesterday other than to say that after 3 days, 4 return visits to the nail salon to find the illusive "Amy", 4 tries to unsuccessfully put a refund on my debit card, 1 try to unsuccessfully put a refund on Steve's debit card, 1 offer for a cheque and a request that I "come back tomorrow", 25 "so sorry!", 1 phone call to my bank to ensure my debit card is indeed still working (it is and zero attempts at a refund show on my account) , and more time wasted than I care to admit - I finally managed to get $30 CASH back from the nail salon yesterday.

What has come from this?

*I will NEVER go to another "nail salon" again.

*NOBODY will ever use a cradle blade on my feet again.

*My next pedicure will be from somewhere REALLY good and REALLY fancy and probably REALLY expensive - which is why it won't happen very often.

*I will not feel guilty for buying nail polish or pedicure supplies ever again because I will be doing 90% of future pedicures myself.

*If you're wondering what to buy me for Christmas? A gift certificate to the EXPENSIVE spa will be very well received.