The Hand The Rocks The Cradle Blade (Part 2)

I stewed about it all night.

HOW could I have paid for such a horrific experience?? They should NOT have charged me and when they did I should NOT have paid (nor should I have left a $2 tip (I was too embarrassed to admit that yesterday) - What the fuck is wrong with me???!!)

Sometime in the night a switch was flipped and I woke up this morning PISSED. OFF! I bled through two bandaids (on top of each other) during the night and got blood on my bed! RAWRRR!!! I looked up the hours of the salon and then sat and stirred and stewed in my fury until 10:30am when I could march into that place and demand my money back.

I went over the scene in my head a million times. I would start polite and they would be all smiley and polite and then I would ask for my money back and they would tell me that it was impossible or that they don't know how to refund money or that they would rather give me a free stamp on a "pay for 10 pedicures get $10 off " card and then I would insist that my money be returned to me immediately and if they refused then I would start talking to their current clients and show them the leaking wound on my foot and everyone would be horrified and then I would let them know that when they changed their mind about my refund I could be found standing outside their entrance showing any and all potential clients what they did to me and then eventually they would shuffle out the door stuffing a twenty and two fives into my hand saying "just go away! just go away!"

I was ready to do battle.

When I got there someone asked me from across the room if she could help me. I waved her over with one finger and gave her my best laser eyes and said, "I need to speak with someone". A couple of girls who worked there swarmed around me and I explained "I had a pedicure here yesterday and my foot was cut quite badly. It's still bleeding right now." I then lifted my poor wounded heel to show them (I left the blood stains on my flip flops for effect). When they saw the hole in my foot all three of them sucked in air between their teeth. Just not quite as loud as I did when that cradle blade severed off a portion of my heel.

I couldn't help but notice that "Kim" didn't come over to see the wound. She just smiled and nodded at me when I walked in - trying to hide the "oh shit" look that was originally on her face.

One of the girls said, "Ok yes. You sit!" So I sat down while she took the phone, dialed a number and then ran into the bathroom and shut the door. She emerged minutes later and shuffled over to me with the portable phone saying, "You talk!You talk!" I took the phone and said, "Hello?"

It was apparently the manager. She said, "Hi hon! What wrong?"

I explained that I had received a pedicure yesterday and was cut quite badly and would like my money back.

She said, "Oh hon! No problem! But I in Seattle now. I be back Tuesday. You come back Tuesday?"

I said, "If I come back Tuesday you will give me my money back?"

She said, "Yes hon! I give your money back! You no like pedicure??"

I said, "No! I NO LIKE PEDICURE! My heel was cut very badly and it's still bleeding right now!!!"

At this point the whole place was silent and everyone was staring - which was what I was trying to avoid yesterday but today, it was EXACTLY the effect I was going for.

She said, "Yes I give you money back on Tuesday hon. You come back Tuesday."

I asked her name and then said, "Oh yes, "Amy" I'll be back Tuesday"

And then I limped out the door, feeling the slightest bit better. be continued. (Tuesday)