Quack! Quack! Ducks destroy Cal

If there's every a cry that should drive fear into an opponent, it's not the quack of a duck. Unless, of course, there's around 54,000 of you doing the 'quacking' in Autzen.

Autzen was loud today. Very loud. We almost hear the roar in Britain. And so they should have done.

Dressed in awesome 'throwback' green and yellow shirts, the Oregon Ducks hammered sixth-ranked California 42-3 in one of the most one-sided games of the year.

You're right - California were awful. Kevin Riley gave us another reason to malign him with a dreadful 12-32, 123 yard performance, while Jahvid Best - who figured in our 'underrated' discussions only last week - managed just 55 yards as Oregon's fast defence held onto him for dear life.

And speaking of speed, how about the Ducks on offense? The Bears couldn't keep up with them. Jeremiah Masoli, the diminutive (it's a nice way of saying short) quarterback threw had 253 yards and 3 TDs, and his running backs put up over 200 yards on the floor. Special shout out goes to Ed Dickson, who's 138 yard, three touchdown wide receiving performance was a joy to watch.

Unless you're a Counting Crows fans.

Oh, and round of applause goes to the ESPN cameras, who made a huge amount of effort showing those Oregon Cheerleaders. And the way their team is playing, we'll be seeing a lot more of them, too.