Pretty Boy

Going through the til at Walmart today, the cashier looked at Ruby and said..."Oh cute! Where did you get the flower for his hair?"

I said, "Pardon?"

She said, "His flower in his hair. It's so cute. Where did you get it?"

I heard her loud and clear the first time. I just wanted to give her the chance to change her question slightly, because I hoped it was just a slip of the tongue. She said HIS but surely she meant to say HER. Sadly, I was right, she wanted to know where I got the flower for my son's hair.

My son with the flower in his hair, the flowered, white sweater-coat and lime green capri pants with bows on the legs.

Now I'm not knocking anyone who wants to put flowers in their boy's hair. I mean, do what you want to torture your own kid and give him gender identity issues at a ripe young age - but I'm just thinking that when in doubt whether a baby is girl or boy, if it has a flower in it's hair, girl is probably the safer bet.